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Alfred’s Basic Piano Course: Fun Book 3

The Fun Books provide additional recital pieces designed for students who require more solo material and are especially useful when two students are from the same family (Recital Book for one, Fun Book for the other). Titles include: A SPOOKY STORY * AT THE CARNIVAL * BIG CHIEF YELLOW HAND * CALYPSO RHUMBA * CHROMATIC RAG * CONCERT PIECE * FESTIVE DANCE * JAZZ SEQUENCES * MODERN SOUNDS * OH WHERE, OH WHERE? * POP GOES THE WEASEL * SONG FOR A RAINY DAY * THE CAROUSEL WALTZ * TURKEY IN THE STRAW * WALTZ IN A MINOR * WESTERN SKIES * WHITE CORAL BELLS

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Deadly Dance

As the intelligence officer for A-Tac, a black-ops CIA unit masquerading as Ivy League faculty, Hannah Marshall is used to working behind the scenes. But when a brutal murder hits too close to home, Hannah finds herself in the middle of the action, falling in love while racing to outwit a sadistic mastermind. Original.

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Napoleon Dynamite Heck Yes! Mens Shirt (Medium, Black)

It’s the story of a small town boy in a small town but Napoleon is not your ordinary high schooler. He can draw, he can play tether ball and he has some sick moves on the dance floor. Napoelon is on a quest to find love, make some sweet moolah, and overcome the oppression of his uncle. This shirt features Napoleon and one of his catch phrases, heck yes.

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