There is more to belly dancing than meets the eye; it is not only about dancing and spinning around in a belly dance costume, it is actually the oldest form of exercise that ever existed. This form of art has been used for over decades and the movements remained constant over the years; but the belly dance costume has evolved and now you choose from a variety of colors and designs, although the former designs are still used today and are where the current designs have been adapted.

Belly dancing can be performed by anyone regardless of age, body shape, cultural and religious beliefs, as well as body weight because it is a dynamic form of art that has been enjoyed by many people through the years not only because of the belly dance costume but also because of the benefits that you can acquire from this exercise. It is an exercise which utilizes almost all parts of the body, your back, buttocks, thighs, calves, legs, neck, hands, and arms; and these all compose of the major muscles groups in the body. Belly dancing helps strengthen your muscles and bones at the same time help you lose extra body fat most of the time those covering your muscles.

In the art of belly dancing, it won’t be complete without the belly dance costume. Costumes include hip scarves, traditional costume sets, skirts, veils, harem pants, tops, accessories, and jewelries. These belly dance costumes come in various colors, textures, designs, and cuts depending on your choice; but sometimes, in belly dancing organizations, there is a custom color and design that is specially designated to each member. A belly dance costume is usually made up of velvet, chiffon, satin, lycra, or lightweight cotton cloth, and are just altered in order for sequins, coins, and gems to be incorporated in the design. In a belly dance costume, the hip scarf is commonly used most especially during instances when you are enrolled at a belly dancing class. Although they do not require you to purchase a belly dance costume, enrollees usually prefer to purchase belly dance costume because of the fact that it makes the routines a lot more fun when you see yourself in a belly dance costume.

Belly dance costume can be purchased in many boutiques and online stores today. Before, the resources were only limited because it was not so popular that manufacturers didn’t see the demand, unlike today.

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