Bollywood dance is fun, a great workout and an important contributing factor towards the international popularity of Bollywood films. Bollywood dance classes offered in Long Island are a great option for those who wish to learn this dance form – not only for Long Island communities, but also for other Indians in New York, and people of other nationalities and cultures fascinated by Indian dance.

You can join Bollywood dance classes:

• To enjoy the fun of blending Western and Indian dance styles
• To achieve correctness of movement, energy, timing, and rhythm, or go professional
• To just get fit or enjoy yourself

Combines Several Beautiful Dance Forms

Bollywood dance brings together several dance forms including Kathak, Western popular, jazz, Bhangra, Indian Classical, Salsa, Indian folk, Hip Hop, and belly dancing. Though it is difficult to point out the precise definition, stylistic features, and geographical distribution of this exciting dance form, it is quite recognizable in both Indian and international circles. The songs for the dance sequences are a kind of indirect expression through which the characters can express thoughts and desires. Costume is an important part of this form of dance and establishes to a major extent, the “feel of the dance.”

The dance form may be thought of as a stylistic equivalent to Westernized Musical Theater. The dance numbers frequently have romantic themes and usually go together with the happenings in the movie. It is not unusual to find Bollywood song and dance communicating the thoughts and wishes of the characters. Bollywood dance blowouts are a very popular affair in US colleges.

Qualified Dance Teachers Would Provide the Necessary Training

Qualified dance teachers would provide the necessary training to perfect latkas, thumkas and other entertaining dance steps. Do a search on Google, Yahoo, or other search engines to find competent Bollywood dance classes in Long Island. You may have to shortlist some centers and compare the pros and cons of each to arrive at the right organization or academy for yourself or for your child.

Bollywood Dance Classes – Young Indian Culture Group, Inc. provides dance classes for children and adults based in Long Island and Queens.

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