Bollywood dance classes are popular in New York and other cities of the US catering to the huge population of Indian Americans there. Not just Indians, but people from other nationalities also get the opportunity to learn something that they might have so far watched only in Bollywood films or at college dance programs. They also get to realize why Bollywood dance is such an international sensation.

Bollywood Dance – Product of the Indian Film Industry

Bollywood dancing is the dance style that developed in the Indian film industry. It mixes elements of Indian classical, Bhangra dancing, folk, salsa, hip hop, jazz, and other dance styles. It is difficult to place the exact definition, stylistic features, and geographical distribution of this dance form; nevertheless this fact doesn’t prevent it from being very recognizable. Bollywood dance may be considered a stylistic equivalent to Westernized Musical Theater. Bollywood dance numbers often have romantic themes and usually complement the happenings in the movie. It is not uncommon to find Bollywood song and dance expressing the thoughts and desires of the characters. Costume is a very important aspect and determines to a major degree, the “feel” of the dance. Bollywood dance blowouts are quite popular in US colleges.

Training in Bollywood dance involves qualified dance instructors getting their students (children and adults) to move in sync with the Bollywood dance music. Learning the thumkas, latkas, and other dance steps makes for a fun experience.

Learn Bollywood Dance in New York

The way the classes are handled in New York would vary with the song, instructor, and the goals that the particular dance teacher or institute intends to achieve. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a suitable place to learn Bollywood dance, whether you:

• Just enjoy mixing Indian and Western dance styles
• Consider Bollywood dance to be a great, fun way to get fit
• Want to perfect your movement, rhythm, energy, and timing, and become a professional Bollywood dancer

Take advantage of Bollywood dance classes in New York offered by established organizations and academies. Make an online search to compare, and choose the best.

Bollywood Dance Classes New York – YICG located in Herricks, New York provide dance classes for adults and children.

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