Calcutta or Kolkata as it is know in today’s times has always had a reputation of being the centre point of music, dance, drama, poetry, science and knowledge. It is also famous as ‘the city of joy’ .It has always attracted people from all parts of the world to come and explore its splendor and charm. The city has been a home to various reputed dancers and musicians. It is vast city that has a fantastic blend of culture and modernization. It is not difficult to find a contemporary dancer in Kolkata dancing right next to a classical dancer. The city has equal opportunities for all. This flexibility has been made it possible for all these variation to exist beautifully in this city which is also known as the cultural capital of India. For all the aspiring young dancers there are a good scope to find a very reputed and experienced teacher in Kolkata.

Although in today’s modern times, the choice and interest of the young generation are also changing rapidly. We are becoming more inclined towards westernization and so are our interests. Today youngsters want to learn western dance forms like, Salsa, Belly Dancing and Break Dance. Most of them would take the help of a dancer teacher in Kolkata, who can train them well in these latest and popular dancing styles. For all such aspiring dancers there are some reputed dance schools in Kolkata where proper techniques for becoming a good contemporary dancer are imparted. There are some other reputed dance institutes in Kolkata which have a lot to offer to the learners of classical dance forms, Odissi, for instance. The dance teachers in these institutions help enhance the skills of the budding classical dancers.

It is absolutely mandatory for any contemporary dancer in Kolkata or any classical dancer to follow the advices of their dance teacher as they are experienced in this field. They also need to practice regularly and sincerely as per the guidance of the Dance Teacher In Kolkata to sharpen their dancing skills. To become an accomplished dancer one has to be totally devoted to their respected dance form as this is the only key to master the art of dance. As dance is an art, so one has to learn to worship it and respect and trust their teacher in Kolkata completely.

This will help one to excel in a big way. It is true even for any Contemporary Dancer In Kolkata as well. If one can perform in front of an audience confidently and gracefully then a sure appreciation and applaud is earned by his/ her and this possible only if one is a devoted dancer. When one has attained mastery in any dance form, then there is no stopping for him/her as there is a great scope in the field of dancing. There are a number of live on stage performances in various cultural events and these days a lot of T.V. channels have dance contest to offer to the deserving dancers. So take the stage over like a ‘Storm’!!


Mom Ganguly is renowned as an eminent Choreographer In Kolkata . She also runs a dance institute in Kolkata. Famous as a great Famous Dancer in Kolkata , she shares her thoughts on dancers in kolkata. To know more about her visit:

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