As an immigrant into the US, Salvadore Capezio started on his successful business path and opened a shop as a lowly cobbler, a far cry from the world of dance that he ended up making such a big name in. The success of Capezio tights, shoes, leotards and everything to do with dance came about by a stroke of luck as his cobblers shop was situated across the street from The Met, the renowned New York Opera house opened in 1880.

So 7 years later Salvadore Capezio found himself doing work for the local dancers and soon his whole clientele where artists and performers so it was only natural that he should concentrate his efforts on supplying his customers not only with ballet shoes but all the other paraphernalia associated with dance and what a good market it became.

Today dancing is becoming more and more popular especially with the upsurge of programs on TV that have turned dancing into a competition (Come Dancing anyone?) where all forms of dance are explored. And it has been taken up by all ages and by both male and female.

Tights have been around for centuries and even Capezio tights have been going for nearly a hundred years with a following of loyal devotees from the professional dancer to the “just for fun” jivers.

To some, the choices of styles, sizes and colours of tights are a bit daunting especially as you can’t really go around trying tights on to see if they are comfortable or if they are indeed the right shade of “light suntan” but even for quality professional Capezio tights the prices are affordable.

There is a lot more stress from the natural movement associated with dancing and so tights have to provide more strength and durability than the normal day-to-day pair.

Capezio tights are made from a blend of materials to allow for that freedom of movement required for a dance routine whether it’s in rehearsal or on stage and one of the available options is called Ultra Soft which uses an additional element called tactel which is a particularly fine, light weight and very soft material.

Available styles include convertible tights, footed and footless tights, fishnet, stirrup tights, hold and stay tights as well as body tights.

Capezio tights are, in most cases available for children and for some styles even toddlers. Colours vary depending on the style but black, white and pink and very well catered for as you would expect and other possibilities would include suntan, toffee and caramel.

Capezio tights are an extensive range suitable for all ages and for all forms of dance and Mr. Capezio and his family have been doing it for nearly 100 years.

Hermione is a keen dance enthusiast who enjoys buying dance attire as much as performing and she says “Capezio have been making dance apparel for nearly 125 years Capezio dance tights have been a successful addition to their huge range. For more information visit Capezio tights.

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