Every parent understands that children are the most precious treasure that they have in their lives. Kids bring us so much joy, they challenge and motivate us, they make us smile and bring the tears of happiness. However, they are also the most vulnerable and demanding individuals at the same time. Parents often underestimate the importance of early childhood education and the benefits of physical activity for kids. This is the part of the overall child development program.

Research shows that children in their first years are like sponges, they absorb information and interact with the world on a daily basis. This is how their personality is being formed. It is critical to spend a significant amount of time developing children’s skills and talents at this early stage of their life. It definitely takes time and effort but it is really worth it in the end. It helps the children to become well-rounded and successful individuals in the future. Physical activities for kids play a very important role in early childhood education and should not be underestimated by adults.

Here is the list of some benefits of physical activity in early childhood education:

*Development of motor skills
*Development of stability, balance, flexibility, and coordination
*Development of rhythm sense and musicality
*Development of child’s communication skills and social skills
*Prevention of injuries and child obesity

There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your kids’ daily routines. Today our government becomes more proactive in the struggle against child obesity and illnesses. These problems happen as a result of limited physical activity and long hours in front of TV and computer screens.

Educational institutions like public schools and daycare centres become more and more aware of incredible benefits that physical exercise brings. They start providing children’s fitness classes and dance lessons as part of their curriculum. Dance classes are one of the most popular alternatives of children physical activity. Children enjoy it so much and want to do it again and again. Aside from the fact that dance classes are an easy way to introduce kids to physical activity there are other benefits of dancing:

*Dance develops physical skills like coordination, balance, and flexibility
*Dance is an art form and therefore develops creativity and uncovers unique talents
*Dance develops children’s social skills and improves self-esteem
*Dance improves overall posture and physical appearance building long and lean muscle

Regardless of the dance style you choose for your children, they will benefit from getting enrolled in dance classes in so many ways. It will make a difference in the quality of their lives by helping them to have more energy, better mood, and improved physical health and appearance.

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