Dance has been enjoyed by people from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds for thousands of years. Many of the dances that can be learned today are very traditional and have not changed much in many generations. Some dances, however, are much newer creations, usually set to modern music, they get their inspiration from all sorts of influences.

All kinds of dance, if they are to be performed as well as possible, necessitate specific items of clothing and footwear. Some dance classes and/or tutors require their students to wear certain garments and may even specify colours. For example leotards and tights are usually worn to perform and practice ballet. Footwear is very important to dancers. It is important they choose the right kind of shoe to match their dancing style and a shoe that is comfortable and fits properly. Recently a number of dance styles have adopted a new style of footwear – dancer sneakers.

Dance sneakers are becoming increasingly popular, but finding the right pair for you is not always so straightforward. Your choice may well be primarily based on the kind of dance you are learning or perform. Other dancers and/or your tutor may well be able to recommend a suitable brand but when you begin to look for the right pair, but it is important to take a number of other considerations into account.

If it is your first time selecting dance sneakers, you may well have been advised of what to look for, which should help but it is advisable to try some pairs on in a shop before deciding what is right for you. Make sure you choose a reputable seller who has a range from all the most well known brands. Start off by finding out which size of sneaker fits you the best, it is very important that your feet are comfortable and that shoes are not too tight, nor too loose (you don’t want to be constantly worried they will fall off!). The soles of the shoe should provide good grip on a number of surfaces, with some having a special spot made of different material to enable spinning. It is preferable for dance sneakers not to scuff too readily, so either try to find further info or try kicking the sole against a light colored surface to see if a mark is left. Some sneakers are heavier than others, even if they look similar, so weight may also influence your decision.

Dance sneakers usually have split soles to allow for great flexibility when dancing, although some have a full sole that is designed to be as efficient. Some materials and designs of sneaker will need more wearing in than others before they feel exactly how you want them too. Once you have selected ones that you feel are best for your individual needs, you may consider buying your next pair from an online store which are often cheaper. This can be especially useful for children as they grow out of shoes so quickly! Once you have selected your favourites, it’s time to start dancing.

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