Dance that caused much confusion in the history of the cancan. It was thought at one time for indecent dance which is performed in brothels and cabarets of dubious quality. Although commonly thought to be a cancan dance that was born in France, but he probably came from the Continent Africa. It may be a combination of several styles. There is also a hypothesis that the cancan is a modified type of another dance – quadrille, dance salon. Kankan causes a sensation today. We do not see him again for a dance that is performed solely by the tabernacles dancers such as night club .
On the contrary – we associate more with dance revue, performed the world’s great stages. Kankan performed by professionals looks like a real celebration of joy and frivolity. Thanks to the rich costumes and styling of the old days, takes us into the era in which the triumphs and successes celebrated the cabaret and dancers of different styles. In this respect, is really a French cancan. The turn of the century was a time when European center for the development of cultural and entertainment center was located in France’s.
Paris was a city where it merge into one another kitsch and great art, entertainment and trivial high jugglers. Today, just as happy watching a cabaret. But you can not compare them to those of old. Not only have lost art, but are no longer just so funny and cheerful. As far as the dancing – it has grown almost to an art. Undoubtedly is the way of artistic expression. Recently, there have been many entertainment programs that are based precisely on dance contests, presenting both the struggles of ordinary people and famous people.
As we can see – there are also many dance schools. Actually grew like mushrooms after rain. And we can teach them dances both traditional and more modern like pole dancing, which is not only appropriate for the dwelling such as a night club.

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