Dance Birthday Party Ideas For Kids, Planning Birthday parties for the kids is fun, but hosting a celebration just for you can be even better. These adult-only birthday party ideas count hiring a babysitter for!
Kids love to dance. Whether you choose ballet, hip-hop or a combination of styles, you can plan a dancing birthday party that will last in their memories. Make a dance-themed birthday party with simple ideas for refreshments, activities and party favors that your party guests are sure to enjoy.
Dance Party Games for Kids
Dance parties are an easy way for kids to get together and also have fun while staying active. If you’re planning to host a dance party for kids, including dance party games is a great method to keep your kids involved and having fun. Having a large variety of dancing games, choose games that be perfect for the ages of your children.
Snowball Dance
Farmville is perfect for larger groups where youngsters are encouraged to get to know new people. Several couples are chosen to start dancing. At an adult’s signal, children will discontinue from their partners and choose a brand new partner who has not danced. Continue the snowball dance until every child is dancing. Farmville is a great way to break the ice and help children feel at ease with the group.
Pass the Dance
For this game, children should stand it a circle. One child starts by showing a dance proceed to the child next to her. The 2nd child copies the first child’s dance move and adds another of her very own. The third child now does both dance moves and adds on the third. Children continue to pass the dances round the circle. You can play that youngsters are out when they cannot remember all the dance moves or simply start over when the dance moves become too hard to remember.
Hire a dance instructor to come and teach your party guests a few moves. You can probably get a teacher from a local studio to charge you an hourly fee. For an inexpensive option, ask if one of the studio’s older students would be willing to come in; a teenager with a history of dance lessons can instruct your little ones, and you can pay what you would normally pay a babysitter. Ask the instructor to tailor the moves to children and make the lesson upbeat and easy for all guests.
You can even ask the owner of the dance studio to give you a set of discount coupons to pass out to your guests, in case they want to enroll in regular classes. For a fun craft idea, let little girls at a ballet party make tutus of their own. Give each girl a length of satin ribbon; this will be the belt of the tutu, so it should be long enough to tie around her waist. Then cut strips out of tulle fabric in fun colors, and let the girls knot the strips around the ribbon. When they have filled the midsection of the ribbon with tulle, they can tie it on for a quick and easy tutu to wear home from the party. If your party includes boys and girls, maybe they can make dancing hats or colorful bandannas using fabric paints instead.
Party Favors
Make a dance CD for each party guest. You can purchase a CD compilation at the store or make one on your computer using a CD burner. Include music of all varieties for a collection of dancing hits. Make sure to include the tracks from the dance lesson so they can practice the moves they learned at the party after they get home. Include dancing accessories in your party favor kits. If your party is ballet-themed, you might give each guest a tiara or a sheer scarf. If your party leans toward the hip hop or jazz variety, you could give each guest a colorful bandanna or a pair of kid-friendly sunglasses.

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