One can learn dance at a young age and there are many benefits of it. It is best to enrol a child at a dance class at a young age as this will boost in them a confidence. Dancing really helps one to increase the confidence in them. One may be a little nervous of performing dance in front of others but with the experience one will be able to gain it. It takes a little time to gain from one being nervous and get confidence and once confident one will not only sparkle in dance but also win laurels in life.

In real practice dancing increases one’s happiness. Dancing is a form of exercise and by doing it; it improves the mood by boosting healthy levels. By dancing it increases the self confidence and also helps one to gain confidence in one self. A dance class not only helps one to build and improve the muscle tone but it helps in improving ones posture and grace. This also helps in lengthening of one’s body as that dance helps one to lengthen ones spine and even correct the posture related problems. It is not recommended for a person to go to a dance class in case he has a spine injury unless he is fully fit. Dance classes also help to improve one’s rhythm.

There are 5 types of dance classes and each has their own pros and cons. The 5 types are group dance class, private lessons, semi private lessons, workshops and online dance lessons. Group dance class is a popular way of learning dance and is conducted in a group of 10-30 students. One learns the new steps, techniques and partnering. This is inexpensive and one learns to socialize with others and help to make new friends. The disadvantage is that one has to attend the class according to their timings and the class is crowded and individual attention is not paid. Private lessons dance class is the best as there is an instructor to teach a group of two students. The lessons are customized and meet the need the students. The teacher can give individual attention to the students and teaches in depth and dance classes are conducted at the convenience of students. This is bit expensive dance class. Semi private dance class is among a group of friends who have the same goal and here there are 6 students under 1 instructor. It is inexpensive and student gets individual attention. In case of workshops one gains more information and the lessons are taught in a group of 100 students. It is inexpensive and helps great inspiration and helps to open mind to new possibilities. The online dance class are best for physical classes. One can watch dance lessons online 24/7. This is usually free and inexpensive. One can watch the lessons at ones on time and replay them anytime. Internet should be available. The disadvantage is that they sometime lack feedback and one has to understand it on your own. Sometime if the internet is slow then it is difficult to learn.

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