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The most unique form of exercise is dance that helps us in maintaining our body toned and fit. It is the best way to ease the stress from your body, and bringing joy to your life. Apart from all these it also regulates your body weight. India is taking its inspiration in dance from the likes of Michael Jackson, and you can see that in form of numerous schools and dance academies opening in India. But the main advice to them is to practise dance as an art rather than a profession, and coordination is important than style. There are more people turning out to choreography as a profession, with its increasing scope its much difficult to attain a position in this field.
Dance has many forms and one of them is Salsa
While learning SALSA dance with your partner you are learning coordination and adjustment. Salsa helps in increasing your energy, building stamina and teaches you coordination as you have to match steps with your dance partner. It is considered as a romantic dance form which helps to develop coordination and chemistry between two people. This dance also helps in lowering body cholesterol level.
Another form is the Hip Hop, easy way to make out this form is the beats can make you move anytime. This energetic dancing evolved with hip hop music and street jazz. The first notice of hip hop dance dates back to the 70’s when some new moves were introduced to the dance world to accompany the funky sounds of hip hop music that was also being discovered.
The first thing comes to our mind by hearing the word Bhangra is Punjab and their lavish style, such is the bhangra style of dance. Bhangra includes tricks and acrobatic feats in its performance. The female version of the bhangra is known as the gidha. It is performed by a group of female dancers, but like in the bhangra, pairs of dancers or individual dancers break away to show off their skill while the rest of the dancers clap in rhythm. The gidha is performed at the time of the festival of Teeyan to welcome the monsoon while bhangra is performed at the occasion of celebrations and weddings.

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I have a rich experience of ten Years in dance and aerobics since my training in Aerobics has been from a Instructor Groomed at REEBOK. I have successfully trained students with a flair for dance in WESTERN, FOLK, SEMI CLASSICAL and PUNJABI DANCEs

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