India is such a diverse country, and one of the main ways that its diversity is expressed is through its dance. When you have your India visa then you will have the opportunity and pleasure to visit many parts of India to attend some of its dance festivals. The types of dance across India are so different in style and colour, that several trips maybe needed to see such extravaganzas; hence you will also require several Indian visas for these trips. Below are a few of the dance festivals that your India travel visa will allow you to visit:

The Konark Dance Festival
The Konark Dance Festival is based in Konark, Orissa, and is held twice a year, in February and also December. Both times the festival is held in the open air auditiorium grounds in near the sun temple. The sun temple is based approximately 68kilometres from the states capital Bhubaneswar. Note that your normal India visa will allow entry to this region of India. The location is close the the Black Orissi Dance Pagoda, which is a monument that is build of black granite and shows the chariot of the sun god. The dance festival shows the classical forms of the regional dances of India as well as national forms of dance, in a celebration to celebrate Orissa. The dances are held under a huge mandap called the Natya Mandap. The dances styles are typically those from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

The Modhera Dance Festival
One of the most famous dance festivals that your India visa will also allow you to visit is in the state of Gujrat, called the Modhera dance festival. Modhera which is close to the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad was build by king Bhimdev many centuries ago. You can enter Gujrarat quite easily with the traditional visa for India for business or tourism purposes. The festival is held in the sun temple, which is dedicated totally to the lord Surya, otherwise translated as the sun god. The dances on display at the sun temple include classical Gujarati dances. This beautiful festival is held for three days during the month of January. As this is one of the most popular seasons for Indian tourism, be sure to apply early in advance for your India visa, at the VFS offices or via the services or Rapid visas.

The Elephanta Islands Dance and Music Festival
If you are planning on using your India visa to enter via Mumbai, and shall be entering India during the month of February, then the annual festivals held on this small island 10 km from Mumbai harbour is surely to be attended. The island was rename elephanta by the Portugese after they saw it had elephant carvings inside the walls. This annual festival is arranged to worship the Maheshmurti, or otherwise know as the Shiva-idol which is located in the main caves. As well beautiful dances being put on by professionals, it is also fascinating to see local folk dances being displayed by local fisherman, who also serve their local food.

For more information of the dance festivals of India, and also the processes required for applying for your India visa then please feel welcome to contact us at rapid visas.

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