Dance for fitness and join an exercise craze. As an approach to exercise it changes the way individuals approach the topic. Aerobics may be gruelling, but disco is fun. You get to listen to energizing music and work out with a whole bunch of people. With this attitude, slipping on your running shoes and getting out the door becomes much easier.

If you like night clubs, take note: fitness and diet go together. Shimmying with your heart and health in mind requires that you hydrate. For this, water is ideal, not cocktails. Those moves you do on the dance floor can still be effective, though. Do them at the club or bring them home. Put on your favorite tunes and do the same things as you would during a night out. The only difference is that you are now alone, with the blinds closed so the neighbors do not see and wonder why you are dancing alone. They might not have caught on yet, but they will.

Certain types target particular parts of the body. Many consumers find that belly dancing is especially effective along the waistline. Other sorts are great for legs in particular. Individuals can be of any age, from very young to in their nineties. Range of motion and exertion are personal choices that make this a highly flexible way to introduce or continue getting fit at any age.

The key is to participate regularly. To really get fit, this cannot be something you do for ten minutes. Once every month is not good enough either. Incorporate this into a weekly routine as supplement to an existing workout regimen or step things-up, dancing for exercise two and three times each week. If you have kids, of all activities this is among the best for involving them yet also keeping your own heart rate up.

There are many venues apart from clubs where one can get started. Head to your local gym and find out how you can enroll. Many offer dance-oriented classes focusing on Zumba, Latin or other forms.

Try your area studio instead. More and more of these are offering dance as a workout rather than for presentation of a routine. Then again, choosing to tap, salsa or belly dance as your foremost form of aerobic exercise and planning to perform is another great option. Choose a class requiring partners, like ballroom, and encourage a friend or spouse to join to. One advantage of dance as exercise only is that the steps can be changed each time: no pressure to learn a routine; not boredom from the same; anyone can jump in having missed a number of classes.

Many celebrities have taken their moves to home DVD. They teach viewers how to dance basic steps, then work these into a routine. Some can be quite complicated while others are easy enough to get the hang of in just a few viewings.

Some of these programs are hosted by well-known fitness figures. They take what they know about exercise and apply it to a salsa routine. Because they understand the format of a workout DVD and how important it is to break new information down into small pieces, they can often provide a good place for beginners to start.

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