When you dance for fitness, some of the dark myths about exercise disappear. One is that it has to be dull. Another is that only athletes can do it. Finally, contrary to popular belief, even non-athletes might actually enjoy a workout when framed around the idea of fun. While lacing-up for a run may not get you excited, lacing-up for the mamba might.

In fact, it could be that your lifestyle already includes an element of fitness. If you go to clubs and get your heart rate up for a long stretch before resting, this is a great start. Ideally your body needs around half an hour of consistent movement to feel the benefits. What will make this more a conscious routine will be swapping wine for water and cutting down on fatty snacks.

Many moves have become popular of late. Some are better than others at working the heart. Still others benefit particular areas of the body in obvious ways. Belly dancing for example, really targets waist and abdominal muscles. The great thing is that individuals can start at any time and continue until they are very old, though feeling young thanks to the salsa. For parents who struggle to fit a routine in due to the routines and interruptions of kids, this is one exercise program they can join. Just turn on the radio or CD player and get moving.

No matter what sort you like best, it only works for you as fitness if you do it regularly. Just once in a while with friends is not good enough to cause significant difference in your body strength or appearance. Create a routine in which dance forms the core activity, augments other efforts, or energizes you to try new activities throughout the week.

You may want to ask at one of your local fitness centers if they are hosting any classes. Many managers are savvy enough to know that such an interest means more potential business. They have caught-on that aerobics classes alone will not inspire that hard-to-reach group of clients who hate exercise. Popular forms include Latin and Zumba.

Another option is a dance studio. Teachers here, too, have seen an opening for more enrollment. Though not strictly dance classes with performance in mind, one can still pick-up a few moves while sweating and laughing. If after a while you become interested in more formal training, consider joining tap, ballet or jazz. Ballroom may get your husband off of the sofa too.

Celebrity dancers know a viable trend when they see one. Putting dance instruction onto DVD for personal home viewing has opened-up an avenue for many shy individuals. These are often challenging programs geared towards learning choreography as taught by professional dancers.

Endure less pressure and confusion: consider renting or buying some of the tapes made by fitness figures. They combine knowledge of aerobics and training with dance steps. Some will even invite trained dancers who have taken Toronto salsa classes for some helpful demonstrations. This is a good way to shimmy with purpose, an understanding and encouraging figure breaking the steps down into pieces you can digest.

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