Ballet, jazz, tap dance, ballroom or modern dance, whatever genre it is, they all have something in common- it is a form of art. It is moving through emotions, expressing thoughts and telling a story that words cannot express. It is communicating with people using body movement, flexibility and physique. As a performance arts that is also visual, as a dance performer you have to look pleasing to get the attention of the audience. Since dancing is an activity that requires physical effort, comfort should not be compromised when choosing the proper gear. Thus, finding the good fitting dance wear is a challenging task to most dancers.


Wearing the proper clothes for dancing is very essential. It says a lot about the dancer and boosts their confidence on the dance floor. It builds a good impression of a good stage presence. Carrying the right clothes on the stage for a particular dance style evokes feeling, style and story. Usually, your outfit on stage makes the unseen ideas in the dance visible to the audience. Moreover, these dance apparel are created to help dancers to look good and move comfortably and freely. It must stay in place even if you leap, jump, kick and do other moves. It also improves the body form of dancers and emphasizes their best dance technique.


It takes time to acquire the proper fit and type of dance clothes. And here are some tips on choosing the appropriate dance gear for you:


1. Determine the type of dance to perform. The type of dance wear depends on the genre you are going to perform. For example, ballet leotards, tutus and ballet shoes are worn for ballet dancing because these clothes emphasizes the grace, poise and character of every ballerina. You cannot use them as dance outfit for salsa, tango or tap dance as those style of dances require other kinds of garments.


2. You should also choose the right kind of clothes for your body type. Your outfit should not be too tight or too short for you because it will not look good on you and may cause wardrobe malfunction. Good fit of dance clothes allows you to perfect the dance routine freely without any restriction. And does not encumber your movements while dancing.


3. Choose clothes the will accentuate your best parts and create the illusion of a good body form. Your costume should compliment your figure and suit you. It should highlight your good side and hide the bad sides such as weak movements and figure flaws.


4. Check the quality of the clothes. Your costume must go along with the dance, protect you from any injury that you might encounter while doing your movements. Good quality dance gears last longer.


5. Your dance wear should match your dance performance. Let your dress match and harmonize with your dance movements and contribute to your performance on stage.


Looking good and feeling great at the same time while wearing your dance clothes is not impossible. You only have to take time and exert effort in seeking for right gears for your dancing endeavor. Eventually, finding good fitting clothes let you confidently show people what you got.


Noel Addison Agnote

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