My children have always had an interest in dance, from the time that they were very small. Any time I sang or hummed, or just played something casual on the radio, it was common to see my children trying to pick up the rhythm and dance. At first, I thought it was just a normal thing for a child to do, but as time went on, they demonstrated more and more of an interest in being able to express themselves through dance and music. Now that my two oldest are in elementary school and are being exposed to so many new and exciting things, they have both come to me and said that they would be interested in taking lessons at a dance studio to see what they could learn.

My son, the older of the two, has more of an interest in Latin dancing. He had a teacher when he was in third grade that taught the class a little, and he really liked the moves. Our taste in movies is pretty eclectic, and he has watched Bollywood films his whole life. When he was a baby, he loved it when the cast would suddenly break out in a synchronized dance sequence, with the main couple spinning around at the center. Oddly enough, he has no interest at all in Country and Western line dancing, let alone that type of music, but he has always loved the Bollywood moves.

My daughter has run the full gamut of interests; everything from ballet to hip hop. If this keeps up, I could see her in a performing dance company someday, and I will be really surprised if she does not end up in dance or drill team when she is in high school. For a seven year old, she has some pretty good moves, and with a little coaching and some of the professional direction to be found in a dance studio, she could really hone that talent into something amazing.

So we are now in the market for a good dance studio that is versatile enough to teach our children all of the different styles that they are interested in. I really look forward to seeing them on the ballroom floor, or in a dance production, or just enjoying themselves at a dance with their friends, knowing more than just the rocking back and forth that you see so many young people do today.

Peridance Capezio Center ( is one of the premier NYC dance center.

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