Dance groups range from classical ballet studios to hip hop groups to school dance teams. However, no matter what type of dance group a girl is in, she probably loves a little sparkle. Dance costumes are often twinkling with rhinestones, so it makes sense that dance logos look fantastic in rhinestones as well. Your dance logo is a visual representation of your studio or organization. Having it on apparel and accessories helps to identify your group as belonging together. It is also a great way to advertise too, because it sparks conversation when dancers or parents are out and about. They can give your business or organization valuable word of mouth marketing.

Rhinestones come in a variety of dazzling colours, so you are sure to find the ones to create your dance logos for shirts, sweatshirts, hats, ribbons, accessories, and more. Rhinestones have the sparkle and dazzle of diamonds, but they are much less expensive. Heat can be used to affix the rhinestones to clothing and other materials. They can be laid out in a huge variety of designs, including words, shapes, and graphics. The individual stones range in size as well. Using different sizes can enhance a rhinestone motif or interpretation of your dance logo.

It’s important that you use a rhinestone company that utilized quality rhinestone products, especially on clothing items which are worn during a lot of movement. You want your beautiful dance logos to last, so they provide great advertising and wear for a long time to come. Choosing a company that uses locally manufactured rhinestones help to support the country’s economy, and keep jobs open. The pricing of rhinestone transfers of your dance logo will depend on the equipment the company uses and its technology. In addition, their price is dependent on the price of rhinestones.

A company should always give you a pricing quote before completing the rhinestone motif of your dance logos. They should also let you proof a drawing or computer representation of your design in rhinestones, so you can change something if you need to. These steps help to ensure that you will not be disappointed in your completed work. You may be able to save money if the rhinestone company sells the heat transfers of the design in addition to the finished apparel. If they sell iron on rhinestone transfers, you can purchase cheap wholesale t-shirts and affix the design transfer with a household iron.

Lilly is a designer and writer for fashion who has discovered the potential and beauty of rhinestones and crystal bling. Lilly’s main interest is in hot fix rhinestone designs and applications that create fashionable and affordable clothing. For more information on how to create Dance Logos in fabulous rhinestones visit

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