A hen party is a gathering of female friends prior to a wedding where the bride’s last days of single life are celebrated. What was once a rather sedate and formal dinner has become much more of an event which can involve lots of alcohol, lots of dancing and lots of town centre pubs, clubs and bars. It’s not uncommon for the bride to be to wear L plates similar to that of a learner driver, or the whole entourage wearing matching or themed outfits. Hen parties can also involve a weekend away rather than a night out on the town, and in recent years many businesses offering party planning services specifically geared towards hen parties have cropped up in most larger towns and cities.


A hen party may be preceded by a visit to a health spa or beauty salon, or both! These girls want to look and feel their best for this very special, and hopefully once in a lifetime celebration. If the hen party is following a theme, then specific outfits may be in order which comply with the chosen theme. Also becoming popular are ‘dance hen parties’, which involves all the girls attending a dance class as part of their pre party plans. Hen party dancing needn’t be a drunken stagger on the dance floor, as with a few pointers from a trained dance teacher could pave the way to a totally unforgettable night out with the girls… and for all the right reasons.


Dance hen parties can follow a number of themes from burlesque to body popping and everything in between. Your hen night could have a Grease theme where you and your friends dress as The Pink Ladies for the night out. What better then spending a few hours beforehand learning a dance routing from the film too? Maybe you’re fans of Rhianna, Kylie or Madonna and would love to spend a few hours learning routines specific to their chart topping hits? For fans of The Only Way Is Essex, then the only way for you is pole dancing! From Abba to Zumba, any style of dance can become a feature of your hen night.


Hen party dancing needn’t be a drunken stagger around the dance floor. Instead, you and your friends could be the talk of the town with your impromptu dance routines, effortless moves and cool costumes. Hen party dancing classes are the perfect addition to any pre wedding celebration and offer not only great day out, but memories which last a life time. 


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