The Jerk dance is a very popular dance movement that started in the sixties. The song the Jerk supplemented the dance and was written by Don Julian. It was first recorded by Julians L.A. Music group and the song turned out to be quite successful. Specifically speaking, it scored a top ten place on the charts. In 1966 another song cool Jerk – was written and was performed by the Capitols band. This popularized the jerk on an even greater scale. The dance may not be popular like other sixties dance but it is still a very popular and exciting dance.

Doing the jerk is so much fun because the whole body gets involved and the performer loosens up and feels free to express himself doing numerous actions. If you do not know how to do the jerk, read the complete steps on how to perform it:

Step 1:First of all you need to stand in a stance like you are ready to fight. Position your feet away from each other and slightly bend your knees to begin the dance.

Step 2:old HHhhhKKL;L;LKJNDWSHHHJUUHYRFGRRRRRTIOIKLStretch your hands out towards the sides of your body like airplane wings at approximately your face level.

Step 3:Lean your body frontward toward your partner or even if doing it alone. Next you must turn to your left. While you are turning, cross your hands before you at the wrists keeping them held up at the same level. As you bend your body frontward, bob your head at the same time.

Step 4:Next straighten your body and spread out your arms again.

Step 5:Lean your body frontward again toward your companion if you have one and this time turn towards the middle. Cross your hands like you did the first time and remember to bob your head when you lean your body frontward.

Step 6:Straighten your body and spread out your arms to the sides again.

Step 7:Lean your body frontward again and turn to the right this time around. Cross your hands while turning like you did in the previous steps and bob your head when you lean your body forward.

Step 8:Straighten our body again, assume the starting position and repeat the steps until you can do the dance without faltering.

Repeat the steps in front of a mirror to test your advancement. How do you know if you are doing the jerk right? You must look like a jerky monkey that is leading a band. The dance was created from a different dance (the monkey) and combined with sweeping arm movements to differentiate the jerk.

After you have mastered the art of jerk dance, put on some good sixties music, grab a partner if you may and jerk the night away.

Just like any other dance, the jerk dance can be modified by including other motions to make it appear different and have more variation. While doing this though, remember to stick to the basic moves. Heres another way that you can perform the jerk dance:

Step 1:Bend your knees with one foot a little higher than the next. Begin moving your knees in and out, that is, opening and closing your knees.

Step 2:Include your arm motions by bending them at chest level and swinging them to the sides.

Step 3:While swinging your arms, move your body at the chest in a side-to-side motion.

Step 4:Move your arms in different positions around your body and continue twisting the higher area of your body. Also continue moving your knees in and out.

Step 5:Bounce up and down with your knees bent to the rhythm of the music. Repeat until you are good at doing the jer

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