Think of playing tennis with football boots on or Rock climbing with your high heels on. Does not this sound wired? Of course, it does. For each sports, activities or occasion we have specific kind of shoes mend for that particular activity or occasions. Likewise for every dance form there are specific attire and shoes. So, it is important to choose right costume and shoes for specific dance form. These things work as an add-on and enhance the performance of an artist.

The right dancing shoes would ensure that you dont get any blisters or sprains in your feet, or pain in your legs and back while dancing. It provides support and comfort to your feet and body that you need while twisting and swirling on the dance floor. Dancing shoes will make learning your new dance steps much easier as it helps in keeping your body in the correct posture. Dancing in perfect posture will appease the audience.

So, you wish to buy the dance shoes? Have a quick introduction to the different type of dance shoes for different dance form:

Ballroom Dance Shoes:

These are the shoes specifically for ballroom dancing. These are very light-weight shoes and are usually made of suede or leather. They have a metal shank to provide support on the foots arch. Ballroom shoes are available both in flats and heels for men, as well as women.

Free Style Dance Shoes & Sneakers:

These types of shoes are modern and stylish, usually worn by dancers when training or doing intense aerobic sessions or when performing acrobatic movements such as lift & flips. These types of shoe are made from light weight materials with mesh panels allowing your feet to breathe.

Zumba Shoes:

Although there are no particular Zumba dance shoes, dance sneakers that are comfortable to wear and provide the extras cushioning and support to your feet are perfect for Zumba dancing.

Other popular types of shoes are salsa dance shoes, tap dance shoes, jazz sneaker, bridal shoes, waltz shoes, and Latin dance shoes, Jive, Argentine Tango, and many others. With the endless variety of shoes available for different types of dance floors, it shouldnt be a problem finding the right pair of shoes before you hit the dance floor.

The author is an expert writer having vast knowledge in different style of dance form and dance Shoes. At present he is writing for Vivaz Shoes Australia, a leading supplier of women and men dance shoes online.

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