You can get various types of dance shoes as custom made shoes from the market. There are many choices because each type of dance requires different types of shoes. The most familiar types of dance shoes are mentioned below:


Ballet shoes are composed of soft and flexible leather. Dancers can wear these shoes by using a strap that is across the upper part of their foot. Another way is to tie these shoes around the legs or ankles with strings or ribbons. The toes of ballet shoes are made in such a way that a person can balance themselves on these shoes’ tips.

Clog Shoe

Clogs were previously worn by American settlers and the Dutch. Clog shoes have an extremely hard composition. These shoes are designed for specific dances. If you are participating in a type of dance that requires you to create noise from your dance shoes, then you should choose clog shoes. These shoes hit the dance well and create resonance. This is how they create rhythm in the dance.

Jazz Shoes

As the name suggests, jazz shoes are designed for jazz dance. However, these shoes can also be used in other types of dance such as, acro dance, hip hop, and acrobatic rock’n’roll. Jazz shoes are available in different varieties. Some have rubber soles that provide extra comfort to the dancer. Whereas split-sole shoes help dancers to enjoy flexibility while dancing.

Some jazz shoes consist of a suede patch. These shoes are used for dancing on plastic surfaces. If you want these types of shoes, you can order custom make shoes.

Salsa Shoes

High-heel sandals with ankle straps as well as pumps are the best shoes for a salsa dance. Salsa shoes are mostly composed of leather. Most importantly, heels are an essential consideration while choosing salsa dance shoes. This is because the dancer always needs a lift in dance steps. Therefore, salsa shoes are more comfortable as compared to other dance shoes.

Salsa shoes for men are lightweight. These shoes have suede soles. These are available in many colors for mix and match.

Tap Shoes

Tap shoes have hard soles along with metal plates that are attached to the heels and toes. The upper part of these shoes can be in different forms. For instance, it can either have a smooth finish, or it can be full of shine. What differentiates tap shoes from the other dance shoes is its composition. Tap shoes have metal taps. That is why these shoes are called tap shoes.

Tap shoes can either be casual shoes or dress shoes. You cannot identify which one out of many are tap shoes unless you check their metal taps.




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