I’m feeling great today Fit Fem’rs! It’s Monday and I’m starting my week out right! So let’s celebrate positivity by talking about a simple way to get you movin’, shakin’ sweatin’ and burnin’. Dance it off the weight baby!

Dancing is one of those activities that can be done almost effortlessly by many and the benefits that can be reaped are tremendous.  Different kinds of dances can easily transform into different kinds of workouts and you can have fun while losing all those unwanted pounds.  There are dance routines that have inspired fitness workouts, such as Zumba, belly dance, jazz routines, ballet, pole dancing, ballroom dancing, etc.

Let’s start off with the biggest workout craze, or cult (in a really great way). Zumba has literally taken fitness by storm. Zumba workouts are inspired by the music that is used and it has been inspired by a variety of dances like the Mambo, Flamenco, Cha-cha, and Samba.  The basic moves in Zumba involve steps taken from Meringue, Salsa, Cumbia, and Reggaeton.  There are DVDs, video games, and classes for those interested in Zumba workouts. And their workout gear is pretty awesome as well!

Belly dancing has its roots in the Middle East and has motivated many to come up with belly dance workouts that focus not just on one’s hips but their abdominal area, back area, shoulders, and legs as well.  Several DVDs have been released and there are classes that focus more on the traditional dance while there are also those that have merged dance and exercise in order to have enjoyable and worthwhile workouts.

Jazzercise has been around since 1969 and continues to be a phenomenal success in the fitness industry.  Jazzercise routines are done using whatever music happens to be popular and is a combination of jazz dance, Pilates, kickboxing, Latin dance moves, resistance training, and yoga.  There are thousands of classes and home videos available and Jazzercise continues to lead the way in the fusion of dance and exercise. Jazzercise, especially, is a great first step to those de-conditioned looking for a way to get started in working out.

There are several other dances that have been turned into exercise routines as well and with the success of two popular television shows focusing on dance as a stage for competitions among celebrities on one show and among aspiring amateur dancers in the other. You guessed it, Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Dance-inspired workouts have carved a niche in the world of fitness because of the numerous benefits you can get from them such as cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strengthening and coordination, and many more.  There are also psychological benefits from all that dancing as well.  Dance workouts have shown lowered stress levels, less fatigue, higher energy levels, more positive attitudes, higher self-esteem, and a greater sense of self-confidence.  Because of the need to memorize steps, one’s memory improves and studies have shown it can lower the risk of dementia.

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