Dance has been used throughout the centuries to express emotion and culture within people of all different skill levels and age groups. Dance is one of the best forms of exercise available as it helps to build the cardiovascular system as well as being connected to breathing techniques for proper respiration. Improving circulation and working almost every muscle group in the body dance takes on many different forms. For many people that are interested in the performing arts a NYC dance center provides them with an environment for learning new moves and improving their personal discipline while expressing their inner most feelings through movement.

With a variety of movements that are designed to show the beauty and versatility of the human body dance classes are held that challenge the individual to be their very best. From hip hop and street performances to tap, ballet and modern dance, residents of NYC young and old are showing what they can do through the expression of their chosen dance moves. Sometimes combining several disciplines into a rhythmic celebration, dancers incorporate their individual passion for their art into their performances.

Being able to push themselves to learn and undertake more challenging movements and steps that require great attention and focus to master, dancers throughout NYC are improving their level of performance through the classes that are taken at a NYC dance center. Whether it is a tap class or ballet or even the more fluid styles that are being introduced through different world cultures the instructors and studios provide a safe environment for children, adults and seniors to express their talent and display their creativity. Providing an outlet for the energies that are stored up in the muscles professionals and novice dancers alike come together to share their gifts on the dance floor.

Being able to teach beginners and experts that have practiced their craft for years the NYC dance center is providing a beneficial environment for people that are learning how to move in creative and focused ways. Offering classes that range from traditional dances of the ballroom, to the performance styling of modern dance to the hip hop of the streets to belly dancing and ballet, the NYC dance center is place where anyone can go to be inspired by the performing arts. Whether taking a class to improve flexibility and exercise the body or being a more serious participant in the world of professional dance NYC residents are welcome to practice their talent by taking classes that are designed to improve the abilities of every level of dancer.

Peridance Capezio Center (, is a premiere NYC dance center, located at Union Square for over 25 Years!

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