It is common for people to look at fireworks shows in the sky and wonder how on earth man thought of such complex but visually stunning concepts. Most people do not know that it is in fact basic science at play when the sparks are being emanated out of rockets the way they do. The pyrotechnics, however, are a complicated topic to discuss because they determine how the flow of sparks is going to be. Fireworks come in different shapes, colours and designs depending on the way the pyrotechnics are set.


The general aerial fireworks that you see are not your typical indoor fireworks because they have much more potency than regular Roman candles. They consist of four different parts that are placed inside what is commonly known as a shell.

There is a small container which is usually pasted paper and string which is rolled up into a cylinder. Depending on how the designs are going to be, there are usually stars, spheres, cubes or cylinders of small objects filled with fire powder which has the same composition of sparklers. The centre of the shell is home to a central charge called the bursting charge. The fuse lets the fireworks have a time delay so that they can explode at an altitude. Below the shell is a small lifting charge.

Depending on the requirement, there can be single break and multi break shells wedding crackers and Christmas crackers can have multi break shells for a prettier display.

A mortar is used to launch the shell its usually a small steel pipe which has a lifting charge that propels the shell into the sky. The shells fuse is lit when the lifting charge launches it in the air. The fuse enables the delay to facilitate the shell to reach a specific height before igniting. When the shell ignites, all the small balls present inside are thrown out in different patterns in all directions each of them exploding on their own owing to a central explosion of the shell.

Light shows at low cost

A simple concept being implemented in Fireworks is the product of a well-thought out scientific idea. Now that you have understood the concept of aerial fireworks, youd find it admirable the way all this knowledge, skills and concepts are being used with firepower fitted inside the body of cheap fireworks to give an amazing light show.

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