Getting Lite also called getting dark, lite feet or getting heavy, is a street dance currently gaining notoriety in urban and street groups, that originated in Harlem, NY. It normally occurs when a group of individuals gather and clap a variation of a clap a four count beat over and over. Dancers can then go into the circle and do moves that are similar to Jerkin, the chicken noodle soup, and the Harlem shake.

Steps to learning Getting Lite:

It s simple and nearly anyone can do it

Non-dancers should be glad to know that though the moves of getting litre mimic those of already existing dances, they are not the actual dances. For that reason, it a whole lot simpler to hide an error or to

just have fun getting lite when in fact you may have no clue what it is you’re doing. Persons who are thought to be best at getting lite are original, so while youtube and other video blog video posts are a good place to get the basic principles, they should not be copied on the nose. To put it simply, if you have seen it, at least half of the people who you would end up getting lite with would have watched it too.

Incorporate other dances:

There are various adaptations of the moves when it comes to facial expressions. Some individuals prefer to look silly; sticking out their tongues or appearing startled when they execute a move. Others will seem like they are doing the most complicated thing with a perfectly stern look on their faces.

Remember your feet:

A trend that is present in all the dancers ways is quck foot movements (hence the name lite feet), integrating hopping, jumping and crisscrossing. If you are stumped watching the professional videos online where dancers will appear to looks so much better than you think you do, and you need step by step instruction figuring out getting lite, there are tutorials that can can walk you through. You can replay them as many times as you want until you are comfortable doing the moves. Simply keep in mind, that in reality, originality is still key and there are no rules or limits to what you can do. It’s all about self expression and having fun.

Use your props

Props are also prominent in getting lite. Dancers will use hats, shirts, shoes, backpacks and jacket’s to accentuate their moves, throwing into the group of persons gathered or jumping over them

Touch the ground:

At some point, an item or the dancer getting lite will make contact with the ground or take an item up off the ground. This may be difficult to do in time to the beat, but if you manage it, you’re well on your way to get lite.

Practice and have fun with it:

Get lite is about having fun, even if you see the videos on youtube, you will see the dancers stumble, and there’s nothing wrong with it. You can always step out of the circle if you’re in a group of persons or fix areas when you feel you may be awkward at home where no one can see. Anyone can learn how to do the Get Lite dance.

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