If you are looking for a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time, then hoop dancing is just for you.

I try to stay away from the word exercise. A lot of people instantly shy away as soon as they hear that word but let me tell you there is nothing better for you and if you want to keep your body in it’s best shape you are going to have to work at it.

Work, another word that quite a few people do not like but in all reality it has to be done. There are fun ways to exercise. These are the best because you do not even realize that you are working and exercising. You are just having fun.

Hoop dancing is exactly the same way. You do not even realize that you are getting such a great workout. It combines two of my favorite things into one great way to get some cardio and stay fit. Hula hooping and dancing and you do not have to know how to do either one in order to enjoy yourself.

I prefer to use a weighted hula hoop. These hoops make it so much easier to get started. As a kid, I always had a hard time getting the hula hoop started and once I did get it going, it seemed impossible to keep it going for any length of time. Times have changed and they are now much easier to use so if you have had a hard time using a hula hoop in the past, you have got to get a weighted hoop. They are fun and easy to use.

The dance part is the same way. You do not have to be some professional dancer to enjoy hula dances. There are no crazy complicated moves to learn. Just like everything else you start off slow and work your way towards your goals.

Get your very own Weighted Hula Hoop and learn to hoop dance Today!

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