Though many people do not think of dancing as an excellent form of excercise, they are really attracted by this activity and find it enjoyable after all. Actually, dance sport is a very beneficial exercise which will make you more healthier. Though it is now under rated, its good effects to health are overlooked.


There are several ways look at dance:


We can see it as a form of entertainment,
It can be a form of intimacy,
It can be a form of exercise,
It can be something we do on a daily basis by how we move our feet and our body.


Something you might want to consider is instead of taking the time out of your busy life rather just put a spring in your step and dance the day away. Music and dance are two great healers of stress. When you combine both together you have a dynamite method for movement. This in turn energizes you and helps push the stress away.


There is nothing good about stress, it burns away all the positivity in you and brings you down. One could argue that stress could be a good motivator for you to find a way of getting rid of it, but that is not a positive proactive approach I would like to recommend. So when you dance, you basically dance the stress away. The music you listen to holds healing energy that assists in calming you. You will have noticed that when dancing to the music you feel so relaxed, clam and happy.


Dancing is not a science but an art, it is a world of fantasy not reality and gives you a chance to get lost in it and experience the restlessness associated with movement. This way you enhance your confidence, bring about a positive change in you and encourage your body and mind to be stress free. So why not get started dancing right now?


What you prefer as a dance choice is your own liking. For some the tango as their cup of tea, others prefer belly dancing. It should also be obvious that the faster the beat the better the burn. So consider this when you decide on a routine for yourself, or simply turn on the music and free form, move as the spirit moves you. You can do this in the privacy of your home, so any and all inhibitions should be gone. Remember the key to any dance form is reaching into yourself and finding the rhythm of your soul. There is no correct or in correct way of movement in free dance at all, just do it. Just do what makes you comfortable and develop it as your own dance routine. But remember it should be comfortable for you, and make you want to move.


The act of dance brings about coordination of mind, body and soul, and strengthens that connection.


Dancing also lends itself to providing benefits to your overall health. It is a perfect remedy for people with joint problems and high blood pressure. It is also a fun work out session for burning off those extra pounds. So it is in itself a fun exercise. You are also able to express yourself with dance. You might also consider vocalizing or singing while you dance.


It brings about agility in you and helps you discover yourself. You can dance alone or with a group. Group dancing is mostly associated with collected self healing, self discovery or self recovery.


So put on your dancing shoes and dance your way to a healthy and fun expression.


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