Your partner could be the main reason that you to make it or break it. If you are in the earlier stage of your dance career, a good partner can teach you the right techniques and skill. This is especially true for difficult if you are looking for a ballroom dance partner which is much harder to learn. In addition, an experienced dance partner will have more patience and better understanding of the dance. He or she may be more willing to put up with your inexperience if they are truly a good partner.

What should you really look for in a good dance partner? A good dance partner should have great chemistry with you. You will be in very close contact with your partner so it is important that you understand and feel each other. For example, a salsa dance partner will have to keep up with the speed and should have an excitement in his or her mind due to the nature of this dance. In addition to having the right chemistry, your partner should also have patience and right mindset to help you and teach you if you are newbie at this. They should always encourage you and motivate to do even better. At the end of the day you should be able to have fun with your dance partner and also learn something new from them.

But finding such a partner can be challenging because there is no rule of thumb how to spot a good salsa partner or even ballroom dance partner. You just have to talk and try out to find it. One of the common place to look for a good dance partner is your local dance school or community institution where people are going to learn these dances in the first place. You should also try to stay in the industry circle and be aware of any new dance events in your area. These places are great to make new connections and find a great dance partner. Ultimately online is also an option. Find local groups or club online that are teaching or simply interested in performing specific dances.


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