Every bride and groom wants their first dance to be memorable and perfect. It should be a beautiful event to remember in the years to come. Achieving the perfect wedding dance is not just about the rehearsals. It’s also about the song you’ll play in the background. 

Choosing a wedding song is not that easy with all the wonderful songs that seem perfect for the first dance. Take your time in picking a song to make sure it’s the one that best fits your love story. 
Consult your fiance for ideas. 
Choosing a song should not be done by one party. Both of you should agree on the song you want for your first dance. Brainstorming about the perfect song will give you a number of songs to choose from. Narrow down your list until you find a song that’s perfect for your first dance. 
Pick a song based on its lyrics. 
Don’t choose a song just because you love the melody or admire the artist a lot. Rather, pick a song based on how you two can relate to it. Every words to the song should have an impact on you. You should feel as if the song was written for you and your fiance. This way, it’ll be more meaningful for the two of you. 
Use the song your parents danced to. 
If you can’t find a song, try asking your parents abput their first dance music. They will sure be flatterred if you decide to use their song. It will seem like a sort of tradition. It would be a very sweet idea to dance to the song that your parents danced to 30 years ago. 
Make sure the song you pick is danceable. 
You should also consider whether or not the song is danceable. The tendency with sticking to music that is not danceable is that the dance will look forced. It will also be hard for you to move with a song that’s not meant for dancing. 
Choose the song that has significance to you as a couple. 
The surefire way to make your first dance more romantic is to stick with a song that means a lot to you as a couple. It will remind you of how the two of your started dating, fell in love, and finally decided to get married. Those would be great things to thinka bout while dancing with your new spouse. You’ll be able to relate a lot to the song and do the dance perfectly. It’ll be like a magical scene that your guests will truly enjoy.

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