When people talk about Salsa dance, inevitably one of them will say, “I could never do that; I have two left feet!” If they have never tried it, these people do not know what they are missing. Salsa will surprise every time.

Describing the style of dance-style called Salsa is much like describing the food condiment of the same name. It is a mixed bag of flavors in a common base proudly presenting its own unique and individual style. While the dance is not uniquely Cuban in origin, it definitely has Cuban roots.

Salsa roots derive also from France and Haiti, Africa and Spain. The conjoin of these different dance styles and beats is called a “syncretism”. Different variations of the music and dance steps extend beyond the basics depending upon the country in which the style has been adopted, reworked and performed. The term, Salsa, was actually coined in New York because of the Hispanic influence specific to this type of music and dance but it was not developed in New York.

Because it is in itself in a continual state of flux, Salsa can be said to be in a consistent state of evolution. Evolution is change and ironically, the experience of Salsa dancing is consistently making changes.

It is certainly a spicy dance form. It has a way of changing the way you see the world and it will add spice to anyone’s life – even those with two, so-called, left feet. Its form changes according to the steps and the music of its origin but it is always considered a “hot” type of dance.

Hot and spicy Salsa dancing can be an exciting and fun way to exercise and change the shape of your body. It will sometimes burn as many as 400 calories or more in a half hour. With regular practice these sensuous dance steps can transform the shape of your waistline and your frame of mind. It can help you shed those extra pounds from your calves, your buttocks and thighs while having a great time doing it.

Because Salsa is fun, it is a great stress-releasor. The time invested in learning the fun steps and moving to the upbeat music allows the dancer to transcend the everyday stressors. Dancing, in general, even the most vigorous varieties causes a person to relax a person.

Those happy hormones, endorphins, are released because of the exercise and focus is rerouted from the daily grind because students are learning a new skill. Lessons and practice are fun and self-confidence is improved because of developing new skills. These new skills allow a person to become more in tune with their own bodies and to have more self-confidence in social situations.

There are an increasing number of social activities based upon Salsa dancing. For one, the classes alone provide an interaction between people with at least one common interest – Salsa dancing. These people are from all walks of life with a vast range in age.

Hundreds of people take classes on an annual basis. Ultimately, this leads to a yearning to apply newly learned dance steps and the associated social skills beyond the classroom. Numerous Salsa clubs are popping up all over because people crave the excitement, the fun and the social interaction created through dance.

Dancing automatically creates a bond between people. Many romances and long-term relationships have developed from the social-interaction seeds sewn in Salsa classes. It has been proven that Salsa dance brings people together – even those with two, so-called, left feet.

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