“…put on your dancing shoes and dance away the blues…” that is the mantra of a passionate dancer in time of gloom. Dance is all about expressing your soul through body postures, facial expression and devotion of mind. From the pre-historic times, this form of art has graced the dance floor with its charisma and has gained appreciation for the same. There are different dance forms observed all over India which includes the classical forms like devotional bharatnatyam, tempting kathak, gracious odissi, soothing Manipuri and the Bengali’s all time favourite Rabindranritya. Other than core Indian dance form, western dances are also practiced here like jazz, salsa, hip-hop, ballet and other contemporary dance forms.

Kolkata is a place that embraces any culture with open arms. This naturally paved the way for the many artists to cultivate this form in Kolkata with expected response, appreciation and without any dissatisfaction. Thus, this naturally resulted in the appearance of famous dancer in Kolkata. They are thrilled to perform in front of Kolkata audience. The people here just love any art form. It is not that only classical dancers have gained popularity but also the western dancers as well.

There are a number of dance institutions in Kolkata that teach western dance. They are successful in grabbing a good number of supporters for their performances. There is reputed choreographer in Kolkata as well. They are expert in any form of dance. The popularity of dance forms has increased the demand of the choreographers. They are well trained in whichever form you want to learn. Whether it is classical or western, they are well skilled in any form. If you are a beginner it is better to go to a reputed institute to start fresh. The professional trainer will be able to guide you in proper way. If you are deciding to take up dance as a career then you need to start at an early age as it takes time to incorporate the essence of the form into you. You also have to be passionate about the dancing.

The dancers have started his/her career from very beginning. They have dedicated their life for the love of dancing. The dancers are not those who train others. They just only perform at different places. The Famous Dancer In Kolkata has managed to carve a niche in both national and international floor. The classical dancers have huge demand all over the world. It is much valued dance form outside India.

The reputed Choreographer In Kolkata has their training classes both in India and abroad. They have gained huge response both from Indians living outside India and also foreigners. It is worthy to be mentioned in this context that Bollywood dancing is hugely popular outside India. There have been dance classes teaching Bollywood numbers. The trainers are also hugely appreciated. The dance performances on Hindi numbers are enjoyed by a lot of foreigners. So, whether it is Kolkata, India or any foreign country, dancing is everyone’s favourite art form. People just love to shake leg in any cool track.


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