Teachers who inspire know that teaching is like cultivating a garden, and those who would have nothing to do with thorns must never attempt to gather flowers. ~Author Unknown

Dance Instruction is definitely one of the most exciting, creative, and rewarding careers out there. Many professional dancers finish their dancing careers early, while others continue their path as dance instructors. It is important to understand that not every professional dancer is able to succeed as a dance instructor.

Any teaching job requires you to have a set of skills and a gift for teaching. To be a successful dance instructor it is not enough to have knowledge and experience in certain styles. It is essential to be able to transfer that knowledge to your students, explain theory, and inspire or push where necessary.

For an outsider dance instruction career may seem like pure fun and games. In reality it is a serious profession that puts a huge responsibility on the shoulders of dance educators. So what distinguishes a good dance instructor from any dance instructor?

One of the measurements of success in this profession would be the achievements and results that your students demonstrate. It is not a quick process and can easily take up to a few months of hard work until you start seeing some progress. However, once you see improvements in students’ technique and abilities, it is the best reward and compliment that any dance instructor can hope for.

Successful dance instructors are able to motivate and inspire their students. It doesn’t take much skill and effort to work with people who are hard-working and self-motivated by nature. It is much more difficult to motivate those who lost belief or got burnt somewhere along the way. In situations like that dance instructor becomes a psychologist trying to understand what is happening with the person deep inside and what are the obstacles on their way to achieving better results. It feels almost like you are trying to find the right key to each door, and once the key start turning, you realize that only sky is the limit.

People who are truly talented and successful in dance instruction careers are those who do not limit their input to just teaching their students to use their bodies and move with precise accuracy. They take their role as a more broad and meaningful occupation. They are teaching students to value art as a whole and understand the correlation in between different art forms. They take the time to talk about beauty and esthetics, self-development and discipline. They inspire and motivate others to become overachievers and never stop working on perfecting their skills and developing their potential.

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