“Dance the night away…” may be a frowned expression has swept over your face as you are wondering how someone can dance the whole night. But it’s true for those who think dancing as their passion. The passion that makes them achieve any hardship that might come in their way. It is a dream of a dancer to get appreciation and awed expression while he/ she is expressing her soul. Yes, dancing is a form of expression of soul. It includes your body movements, postures that you make, facial expression- it’s the combination of all three without anyone of it, it is not possible to express yourself.

The Dance Teacher Of Kolkata is perfect guide to train you in any dance form you like. You need to concentrate on each and every advice that is given to you by your guruji if you are serious about dancing. If you want to take it as a profession, you need to start early to groom your body movements and expressions. At times it may to happen to someone that they have inborn talent. But if you are not one of such and truly want to take it up as a profession you can start learning and practice yourself. As you know, practice makes perfect.

Many reputed dancers have opened dance institution in Kolkata to train and guide budding dancers properly. The young dancers are greatly benefitted by them. The best thing is that they provide dancing classes of all genres like salsa, jazz, hip hop, bee boing contemporary etc. apart from the classical dance forms like bharatnatyam, katthak, odissi, Manipuri etc. Kolkata has embraced all dance forms with open arms which led to the opening of Dance Institute In Kolkata. The institutes teach all types of dance forms. They have reputed dance teachers in their institutes.

A number of dancers from Kolkata are seen to perform all over India and abroad. The classical dancers of Kolkata have gained immense fame and popularity both in India and abroad. The oddissi is a much popular form of classical dancing that includes Mangalacharana, Battu Nrutya, Pallavi, Abhinaya, dance drama and Moksha. It needs a apecial kind of music like that combine Dhruvapada, Chitrapada, Chitrakala and Panchal. The dance teachers of Kolkata are proficient in performing any kind of dance form with great elegance. The teachers are well trained in any dance form that you may want to learn. The dance institutes are spread in every corner of Kolkata thus providing you with the opportunity with avail this dance form. The main thing is that every dance institute provides all types of dancing facilities for you to choose.

The people of Kolkata are proud to possess such good dancers who perform all over the world and are equally appreciated. The dance gurujis also deserves special mention in this regard. They train young learners with love and care and try to make them earn fame in the field of dancing. If you dream of becoming a dancer, it’s time to get started.


Mom Ganguly is renowned as an eminent Classical Dancer in Kolkata . She also runs a dance institute in Kolkata. Famous as a great Famous Dancer in Kolkata , she shares her thoughts on Contemporary Dancer in Kolkata. To know more about her visit: http://www.momganguly.co/

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