Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller dance moves have fascinated people beyond all imagination. When Thriller hit the scene, the moves started such a craze among fans that everyone wanted to learn the Thriller dance moves. The spooky theme and the zombie dance moves made it one of the greatest dance videos to have ever been made.

Thriller Dance Moves: Step by Step Guide

Wondering how to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? An essential requirement to learning the Thriller dance moves is to watch the 14 minute video carefully and, if need be, in slow motion. Here is a step by step guide to help you learn Thriller moves:

1.When the music begins, stumble forward with the right foot, then with the left foot twice (i.e. right, left, right, left). Repeat the same step while you move backwards (right, left, right, left). Repeat the same move while moving forward and backward once more.

2.Next, move forward again, with the right foot followed by the left foot, four times. While you take the first, the third and the fourth step, lift up the right shoulder. After taking the fourth step, repeat the exact same moves while you move backwards. Turn and then face right, while raising the right arm out in front and the left arm out at the back. With the right foot, step forward while dipping your back simultaneously in a bouncing move. Repeat this twice.

3.Stand with the left leg forward and step with the right leg out to your side simultaneously. Shift your body weight such that you are leaning over on the left leg. Lean back to the left, while taking two little hops to your right. Next, fall forward to the right by bending at your waist. While falling forward, ensure that this time your body weight is on the right leg. Keeping the arms and the head down, turn to your left and lift your face and head forward. Stare ahead straight for two counts. Then place the left hand at the center of the waist while raising the right arm to your right in the air. Then, while dipping down go back four times.

4.Bend your knees and raise both your hands above your head and clap. Step out with your left foot to your side as wide as possible and then slide the right foot over. Stomp with the right foot and lift up the shoulders once, and then turn your head to your left.

5.Stand with your feet apart and then swing the hips thrice from the right to your left, as you lean to the right. Next, tuck your body in and let go so that the left leg points out towards the left side, while the right arm points straight out to the right. Land on the left foot and swing the hips from left to right twice. Tuck your body in again, and then release into the ‘roar’ stance. Step to the right while you maintain the ‘roar’ stance, followed by stepping to your left. While facing the front, fall from the waist, as you jiggle your whole body. Keep the left foot planted, while you step in a circle clockwise. Look up to your left as you reach 9 o’clock. Next, walk forward with the hands on the hips (right, left, right, left).

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