Michael Jackson is regarded as one of the greatest dancers across the world. This ‘king of dance’ had mesmerized the audiences around the globe with his outstanding creativity and performance. Many people fond of dancing spend hundreds of dollars to learn to dance like him. Amongst his famous moves, the one which gained the most popularity was the moonwalk.

The moonwalk move had set Michael Jackson apart in the realm of superstardom. It was first performed in a performance of “Billie Jean” and since then became the pop king’s signature style. The purpose of this style was to give the illusion that the dance is walking forward while mysteriously moving backward. The Moonwalk is a graceful blend of gliding, floating, and sliding. If a person wants to learn moonwalk, he needs to soak up Michael Jackson’s dancing style by watching his video clips. Seeing his numerous performances will give the learner an idea how to do moonwalk properly.

This special type of move starts with putting the feet flat on the ground together and pointing forwards. Then the whole body’s weight is placed on the right foot. Without moving the body, the left foot is taken back in a sliding motion until the toes are next to the right heel. One has to make sure that the left knee remains bent. Then simultaneously two things need to be done. The same movement is to be repeated backwards with the right foot and simultaneously the left leg should be straightened. When these two steps are executed together, the essence of moonwalk is created. One needs to practice the steps extensively to make it perfect.

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