Do you wish to dance like Michael Jackson? Do you want to earn fame and reputation in the dancing circuit by following the footsteps of the King of Pop? Well, dance enthusiasts all over the world would dream to posses dancing skills close to the legendary Michael Jackson! At first go, you might think “it’s impossible”, how on earth would someone come even close to dancing like the King of Pop? And with Michael Jackson no more with us, who is going to share his secret moves like the mesmerizing Moonwalk or the Thriller move, the sidesliding move and so on? This might sound a little too ambitious as well, but the truth is, in MJ’s absence there are only a handful experts and choreographers around who have worked with MJ’s dance troupe, to offer Michael Jackson dance lessons and tips. Among other options, one can opt for an authentic Michael Jackson DVD and start practicing dance moves.

Although MJ is gone his legend lives on! ‘This Is It’ the documentary concert film made in 2009 after Michael Jackson’s sudden death is a lesson for all dance enthusiasts and features MJ himself in his very last appearance on stage. The popularity of MJ is evident from the fact that even today people are inspired by the legendary persona of Michael Jackson- his life, his struggle, his rise to fame, the obstacles he faced, and how he overcame these hurdles each time. Recently The National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, NY, have decided to host the Annual Dance +21 Festival which among others will include an opportunity for performers and participants to draw inspiration by watching Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”. The aim is to inspire participants, mostly young dancers and help them learn some hands-on skills.

If you are keen to learn MJ’s dance moves, get your copy of the best Michael Jackson DVD at first. There are several workout DVD and fitness DVD available but only a few of these actually work! An authentic Michael Jackson DVD scores above the rest as it has the following plus points:

* A typical MJ style dance involves kicks, walks, steps, glides, and rolls; in short, it’s nothing less than an all-body workout. An authentic Michael Jackson DVD comprises all of MJ’s basic moves and much more!

* A MJ dance DVD also includes his videos which is a great learning guide in itself.

* Besides, a Michael Jackson DVD will help you out with a detailed guide consisting of – slideshows, helpful notes from an expert instructor, diagrams showing the correct foot, hand and head positions for special moves like the moonwalk, the side slide, the spin, and so on.

All you have to do to learn dancing like MJ is to buy an amazing Michael Jackson DVD from an authentic source and put on your dancing shoes, follow the expert instructions, and start dancing like the moonwalker!

If you want to master the classic Michael Jackson dance, learn the turns, the kicks, the spins, and moves of the moonwalker, then a classic Michael Jackson DVD and fitness DVD from is your best bet.

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