For dance fans across the world, the energetic and powerful performances displayed on the BBC TV series Strictly Come Dancing have delighted audiences everywhere. Whilst many people will be content to sit at home and watch with awe as the couples go about their routines, others may be inspired to dance themselves.
The format of Strictly Come Dancing is simple a celebrity is paired with a professional dancer, and together they will compete against other couples. The celebrities will probably have little if any dancing experiences and, aided by their partner, will attempt to learn the moves in time for a live Saturday night broadcast.
The dances performed by the contestants will usually be forms of ballroom dancing, and to reflect this the show takes its name by combining the title of the Australian film and play Strictly Ballroom by Baz Luhrmann with the BBCs earlier televisions series Come Dancing, the long running ballroom dancing competition which was shown on and off from 1949 until 1998.
For people viewing at home, watching the celebrities, aided by their professional counterparts, could be as discouraging as it is encouraging. On one hand we are able to see how the different dances are performed, were able to see how well the celebrities take to each move, watch them start with no experience to perform fantastic and stunning routines on a Saturday night. But on the other hand were able to see just how complicated each routine is.
If you feel inspired by the television show and want to pick up some of the moves yourself, the easiest way to learn how to dance is to enrol in a dance school and undertake dance lessons. Here, not only will you be aided by professionals and taught each move properly; you will be able to experience your passion with other likeminded people. Karen Hardy, one of the professional dancers (and winners) from Strictly Come Dancing, has started her own London Dance School which provides people with specialised Strictly Come Dancing lessons, taught by instructors she has hand picked or trained herself.
Some people may be shy about performing in front of other people but rest assured, not only will the other participants be at a similar level, you could alternatively consider trying private dancing tuition. Private tuition will simply involve you and your instructor so you dont need to feel embarrassed whilst learning in front of other people.
No matter your age or your size, everyone can enjoy dancing and Strictly Come Dancing has simply helped boost the profile of what is already a well loved and widely appreciated past time. It doesnt matter who you are, dont just watch the show take part and learn to dance!

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