Kolkata has been rightly regarded as the ‘cultural capital of India’ as this city has been home of various reputed personalities of music and dance. People come from all corners of the world to this “city of joy”, to learn the skills of dancing from the reputed Dance Institute In Kolkata. These institutes are being run by none other than by some very Famous Dancer In Kolkata. They provide help, guidance and support to the young and budding talents.

Most of us love to dance as this is an expression of joy, happiness and celebration. We don’t need any concrete reason to tap our feet and shake a leg. Dancing has a very positive impact on the mood and spirit of a person, as it can work like a perfect mood enhance and fill the dancer with energy and freshness. It is a sure shot remedy to beat the stress and a fabulous exercise as well. Because of all such reasons, pubs, night clubs and dance parties are gaining popularity all around Kolkata. People go to these places during the weekends and unwind themselves with the power of dancing.

There are many forms of dancing and all these evolved over a long period of man’s evolution. Odissi, Manipuri, Kathak, Kuchipuri are some of the Indian classical dance styles whereas Latino, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Hip-Hop and Samba are some of the Contemporary dance forms. These various forms of dancing have their own style of moves and presentation, so, to master any form of dance, one has to seek proper guidance from a reputed dance institute in Kolkata. Take example of any famous dancer in Kolkata, they all have taken training from some great dance guru. These dance institutes in Kolkata are run by able dance teachers and also have proper infrastructure as well as environment for nurture the budding dancers. They have proper setup in terms of musical instruments, Music systems, etc.

They will also have a well ventilated and big hall for practices as one has to really practice very hard to polish the skills of dancing, it is not a cake walk. To acquire the status of a famous dancer in Kolkata, one has to put his / her heart and soul to dancing and has to be totally dedicated and passionate about dancing. To be a successful dancer one has to learn to worship dance and follow the tips that one gets at the Dance Institutes In Kolkata, very sincerely. Remember dedication and wholehearted efforts never go waste. Apart from getting training and polishing skills of dancing, one must also shun away stage fright and fear. Confidence of a dancer helps him/her a great deal to put up a mesmerizing and splendid performance on the stage. Such an awesome performance can help you gain the appreciation and applaud from the audiences, thereby, making you a good dancer ……and you will be able to live up to your dream of being a Famous Dancer In Kolkata!


Mom Ganguly is renowned as an eminent Classical Dancer in Kolkata . She also runs a dance institute in Kolkata. Famous as a great Dance Teacher in Kolkata , she shares her thoughts on Contemporary Dancer in Kolkata. To know more about her visit: http://www.momganguly.co/

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