Learning salsa dance steps is just the beginning of your journey into a unique style of dancing.  Many people believe that salsa came to the world from Cuba via New York.  It has elements of Afro-Caribbean and Latin influence in the music and dance steps that are performed in this fast moving dance.

The seemingly spontaneous moves are broken down in the beginning learning phase to basic foot to hip movements, which will allow you to master the steps quickly and easily. Early on you also have to master learning  multiple patterns based on fundamental salsa holds (cross hand hold, hammerlock, cross body lead, inside turns, and many more sexy, smooth patterns.

The Pretzel is one move that has a key twist, and hand change; you can do Dips (basic and those with a lot of flourish). You need to watch that dip tho’ as you need to keep your partner safe when this this one.

Back Spot Turns and Multiple Rotations – ever see those couple that just spin together on the dance floor? That could be you! are the Double Left Turn, Double Right Turn and Hook steps.

There is an added advantage to learning to salsa dance,  dancing is actually the most natural form of exercise around but it’s also a lot of fun. The continual movement of the salsa dance steadily burns calories and  tones the body at the same time.

Most salsa dancers have fabulous physiques because their muscles are shaped and defined with the work they have to do when dancing.  Best of all, salsa dancing is a quick moving exercise that builds endurance and makes it one of the best cardiovascular workouts that you can have.

You don’t necessarily have to go out to a class while learning salsa dance steps.

You can safely learn these techniques in the comfort of your own home where no one can see you, until you are ready of course.

Learning salsa dance steps at home will improve confidence in your abilities. You’ll find that you look forward to dancing and social situations in general.

The nice thing about learning at home is that you can learn salsa dancing at your own pace.

ANYONE can dance, and dance well.

The author, Anne Howes, Enjoys salsa dancing as well as chasing her dogs around to keep fit.

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