Pole dancing for exercise has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Even some men are learning how to pole dance for fitness. It is a full body workout that is demanding and will build strength in your inner core, resulting in a tight and flat stomach area.

As in other types of exercise programs, the beginner should make sure that he or she is physically sound enough to begin an exercise regimen, so a visit to a doctor for a check-up would be a good idea before beginning to learn to pole dance for exercise.

Some people who may be willing to consider pole dancing for exercise, but are daunted by the thought of installing a pole in their home, will be pleased to know that there are poles that can be purchased for this purpose that use pressure to hold them into place, similar to the way some shower curtain poles are kept in place. They can be installed or removed in just a few minutes, and do not generally mess up the ceiling of a home. Thus, almost any room that has enough space for swinging around the pole can be used for pole dancing.

The type of clothing that can be worn while pole dancing for exercise is optional, but generally speaking, less is better because bare skin is able to get a better grip on the pole. Often, beginners will start out wearing clothing they are comfortable wearing, such as shorts and a tee shirt, and then as they get into shape, reduce the amount of clothing they wear while pole dancing, often wearing spandex halter tops and short spandex shorts.

There are classes that can be taken to learn how to pole dance for exercise, and many DVDs and online videos which will teach the basic moves to a beginner. Though the moves can be learned with a DVD, having someone to watch the new student and make suggestions is always preferable. As with any new exercise program, it takes time to learn, and with daily practice, the moves such as the half flag, the Gemini, and the basic invert can be performed with ease.

It does take a while to master the basics, and beginners cannot expect to be able to execute the moves of a professional dancer when starting to learn how to pole dance. But with time and practice, the results will definitely be worth the effort when you pole dance for exercise.

Daniel Blinman is writing on behalf of Pole Secrets, who offer pole dancing classes London and pole dancing essex

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