The world is developing faster and faster, so does the people’s mind. While another new year is coming. The new spring has wake up people’s creative mind. “Let the inspiration dance on the shoes” is the hottest mind this year. Now let’s see some funny shoes created by our great-minded people. You may find something you like.

1. The high-heel with no heel?
The world-shocking masterpiece of the Marc Jacobs this year is the high-heel shoes with no heel. It sounds crazy that how can a pair of high-heel with no heel? Look at the following picture. The shoe looks joking, the style of the heel go on highlighting building originality.

The most unexpected is that Marc Jacobs make the heel under the shoes head and cut off the heel in the original position. Strange hot wind not comes singly but in pairs. Antonio Berard also launches the same shoes on the market. I really don’t understand that how that thick heel can hold up a woman’s weight.

2. UGG snow boot.
The latest design of UGG snow boot is 5531 Chestnut. From the appearance you can see that it is a pair of very special boot since its design inspiration was came from the wild animal. There are many wool around the boot’s upper just like a lively sheep stand in front of us. The sheepskin plus pure wool are the indispensable item to keep your body warm in the winter.

3. Animal’s feet.
It said that because the famous designer Jimmy Choo cherishes the memory of marinated chickens feet, so he came up with an idea that makes the shoes of chickens skin. One of the Jimmy Choo chicken feet shoe has shocked many people in the recently fashion show since its color and upper texture look exactly like the chicken feet.

While, in order to calls for protecting environment and develop more new leather materials, Jimmy Choo begun to use the chicken skin to make the shoes and satisfy people’s curiosity. But the price for one chicken shoe is not cheap at all; its price is about six thousand US dollar.

4. High-heel with two heels.
There is a pair of unforgettable shoes in the Alexander McQueen fashion show. It was a pair of high-heel with two heels which was wore by Daiane Conterato.

Actually, this kind of shoes has appeared in the early 16th century in Italy. Its name was “Chopines.” The highest heel of this shoe can be extended to 10cm. The inspiration of this shoe was come from reflecting the distinguished identity of the royal. This extraordinary shoe will make find the exit of the high spirit.

5. Vase shoes
Decorated by flower, petal and bud, the LV high-heel make the spring starts with the feet. In practice, LV shoes likes to design into a lively flower arrangement, and plastic flower. However, Stella McCartney shoes were printed the peony on the upper Subtle but not high-key, just like a fine craft.

Although all the shoes I introduce above are so incredible, there are some people wear them in our daily life since our fashion needs originality.

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