The king of pop is no more with us but his legacy still rules supreme through his millions of fans worldwide. Hundreds and thousands of dance enthusiasts dream to master his art of dancing- the magical moves of ‘MJ’- as he was popularly known to his fans. In fact, the amazing moves of ‘the moonwalker’ have earned a name for itself among international dance fraternity. Today it is widely known as Michael Jackson dance. And there are dance instructors, even former associates and troupe members of MJ who are offering dance prodigies lessons and teaching them how to dance like Michael Jackson. You will hardly find someone who is unaware of Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” and its famous dance moves. Thriller -“the biggest-selling album ever” released in November 1982 featured MJ in his classiest best. Today, even when MJ is no more with us, the whole music and dance community has one more reason to celebrate. It is the recent launch of a Micheal Jackson dance simulation game called ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience’. Meant for both PlayStation and Xbox platforms it involves motion controllers like PlayStation Move and Kinect which is a boon to gamers and dance enthusiasts as well. With amazing choreography and full HD visuals packed in, players would experience the real MJ in front while dancing to the beats of ‘Thriller’ or ‘Billie Jean’.

Micheal Jackson, the very name inspires millions of dance prodigies across continents. But learning the famous MJ moves is not an easy task! It will require apt coaching and guidance from someone who is an expert in Michael Jackson dance. Only under proper supervision and tutelage will you be able to master such moves of the great performer like- moon walking, sidesliding and so on. There’s no secret formula to learn to dance like Michael Jackson. The key requirement is ‘passion’ coupled with skill and an eagerness to master the art from your teacher. Here are some tips which will guide learners on how to dance like Michael Jackson.

* The Thriller dance move was one of the high points of MJ’s dancing style. So while you opt for a dance instructor who specializes in Michael Jackson dance, check out whether it features in the dance course. It might be so that the instructor would ask you to learn the basic moves at first and then proceed to other moves including the Thriller move.

* If you think that all expert instructors of Michael Jackson dance will charge you exorbitantly, you may be mistaken. There are other alternatives too like – renting a dance coaching DVD which offers lessons on MJ’s Thriller dance and so on.

* Another way to learn Thriller dance moves is to watch the video time and again. There are great dancers who have mastered Michael Jackson dance moves by simply watching him onscreen and copying his movements.

* To top it, a learner must also pay attention to the mentor and follow instructions. Never question your master’s authority and put dedication and discipline above everything else.

MJ didn’t master his skills overnight, nor did anyone else. You too would require proper guidance, time, and patience to master Michael Jackson dance. Only through such true efforts shall the legend of Michael Jackson live on for generations to come!

If you wish to learn Michael Jackson dance, visit Here you can also order MJ’s dance lesson DVDs besides joining special Micheal Jackson style dance classes recommended by none other than MJ’s official website! So, to learn to dance like Michael Jackson, log in today and master the craft.

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