What ever happened to the new America we were going to build together? What ever happened to our promise? Have we been lulled to sleep with a false sense of security? Have we forgotten the quest for freedom that our forefathers passioned for, and died for? What happened to our traditions?

Where is our merit? Did it evaporate in our greed for material accomplishment? Have we sacrificed our souls for meaningless benefits?

One might ask why all the questions? Have we nothing better to do than speculate on what could have been? Why can’t we relish in the here and now, and forget about the consequences the future has in store for us?

Why can’t we have some peace of mind?

Is it because our vision is distorted by false pride, and false promises? Why are we willing to believe in economic and political promises and compromises that we know in our hearts are not true or worthwhile? What are we so scared of? Is it the truth?

I think the problem is that we are not well grounded in that which we know in our hearts to be true. We know we can be more than we have been. We know that we can do more than we have done. We know we can care more than we have allowed ourselves to, but then why don’t we? Why don’t we bother? Why don’t we make the effort?

I think we have to try again. I think we have to force ourselves to do what we know is right. I think we have to find our satisfaction in fulfilling our promise, and in having something to believe in again. I think we have to start having faith in ourselves and in God again. That’s what’s missing – it is the faith of our forefathers.

Let’s come together in a new alliance of the possible. Let’s feel the ecstasy of working with one goal in mind. Let’s forsake petty prejudices and concentrate on organizing the intellectual wealth of our true intentions. Let’s make the world a better place for you and I and our families and our children.

Come; let our spirits dance together as the music of a new beginning pleasures our ears. There is no better time to follow the rhythmic beat of a better future. There is no better time to fulfill our promise.

Can you hear the music? The melody of compassion is calling to us. Can you hear the tap, tap beat of the true desire of our hearts? Come; let our spirits dance together. We will float across a new horizon as the music moves us to a better mood.

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