There are two types of dance auditions. These are the individual and group auditions. Out of these two categories, group dance auditions are the most common. The following are some of the factors you should check as you plan to present yourself for dance auditions:

1) Know the dance style required at the auditions. At times the panel may choose what kind of dance style they prefer for the auditions. Do research and only appear for dances that you are capable of handling. You will make a fool of yourself if you appear for salsa when you are only good in RnB dance.

2) Get to know the people who make up the panel. You can check up their bio online or by asking friends. Once you know the preferences of each of these judges you can then adjust your dance style to for their liking.

3) Identify a unique style. It is not easy to identify a style that would fit everyone in the group, and at the same time march the dance’s theme. As a result most people solicit expertise from choreographers. Apart from style, these people also help the group develop technique; which has to do with how the performers conduct themselves on stage. From the time they enter to when they leave.

4) Choose your music wisely and let it be well coordinated. You would have to choose a theme song that suits the groups’ dancing style. The choice of music you go for should also be acceptable to the judges. The song should have simple and respectful language. An irritating song will not work well for you, even if you know how to dance.

5) Cool down and don’t panic. As you enter the podium focus all your energy on being the best you can. Forget the practice, put away stress, clear your mind and have some water to hydrate your organs. Show passion and dance to your best ability.

6) Practice regularly. The more you practice, the deeper the steps would be entrenched in your mind. It is like learning how to drive a car, you have to try over and over till the time you’ll develop perfection. And when you finally know how to drive it would be hard to again forget your driving skills. Dancing isn’t any different, when you are used to dancing the steps would just come naturally. Surely, you don’t want to forget your steps before the judges.

7) Avoid waiting for particular beats to start dancing. Most dancers make the mistake of pausing in-between moves as they wait for the next beat. This kind of behavior messes up the rhythm of your dance and can make you fail the dance audition.

8) Proper coordination. Mistakes done by a single person are shared by the whole group. When it comes to moving your hands, let them all go in the same direction and at the same level. The same is true with any other part of your body. You may want to do special training in coordination alone.

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