The world that we are living in the present times has seen some of the best of times as well as some of the worst of times as far as the finance are concerned. The economic powerhouses of the world like the USA and the whole of Europe are going through the roughest of times. Whereas the countries like India that are still considered to be as a developing countries have managed to keep themselves abreast amidst this world wide crisis. And there are many reasons for that. One of such reasons is the efficient wealth creation and wealth management policies of these countries. It is really important to note here that right down the ages the major problem with the money managers had been that of the creation, management, as well as the distribution of wealth. And till now the methodologies that had been used by the people and the governments have not bore the fruits as desired. But with the arrival of Roger Hamilton on the scene, this perennial botheration has atleast marginally been taken care of.

Who has the power in this whole wide world to make sure that every empty stomach that goes to sleep would see a better tomorrow? Well! Pragmatically speaking, no one. But then the best we can do is opting for the next best thing. And that next best thing has been given to the world by one genius of a man who calls himself and is lucky enough that the whole world calls him by the name of Roger Hamilton. Roger Hamilton was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He did his education in the manner just like everybody else does; with the only difference being that he attended the finest of universities like Cambridge University. But the surprising step or rather the most baffling of steps that he took was to unlearn the education that was showered on him, the moment he entered into the professional life.

Roger Hamilton, quite amused with the way wealth flowed easily into the coffers of some people while at the same time the most brilliant of minds that should have been in a different orbit were found to be in the most hapless of situations. Hence he made up his mind to uncover the secrets behind the way the wealth operates and circulates. The results that he came out with changed the way the world views wealth, and then uses it in every endeavor. He formulated the results uncovered in the form of theories like the wealth dynamics as well as wealth spectrum which are now very fast becoming the backbone of the world economy.

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