Do you have a child or children that are interested in dancing? Or, perhaps you are looking for great fun and exercise for your child during the summer months? At the Summer Dance Camp you can find all of this and more for your little dancer.

For many classes and summer dance camp activities, experience does not need to be required. The trained and professional staff will work with your children to help them learn to dance while providing them with an excellent way to get exercise, learn balance and rhythm and have a great time. There are many different dance classes and levels of expertise available at Austin Dance summer Dance Camp.

Austin Dance provides different levels of dancing while adding the creative and popular moves to well-known and popular music. The summer dance camp begins in June and runs through August with different times and styles so that you are sure to find what you and your children would like the most.

Some examples of Austin Dance for the Summer Dance Camp include, but are not limited to:

* Preschool camp geared towards those who are ages three to five
* Day camps for ages 4 ½ to eleven years old
* Glee: This involves music and moves from the popular television show
* Teen Pop Divas
* Everything Justin (Beiber)
* Shake it Up: Involves the music and moves from the popular show

However, there’s much more available at Austin Dance. You and your child can choose from a variety of different dance styles including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary dancing and even help your child learn skills for auditioning for other dancing and musical performances.

You can register online if you’d like and look for special discounts as well. For example, if you register for more than one class you may be eligible for a discount just as you may be eligible for a discount by registering more than one student.

Dancing is a fun way to get valuable exercise while learning skills such as style, grace, balance and rhythm. Summer is a great time to get busy learning to dance and is a good way to make sure that your children are being well taken care of and learning important skills while you are at work. The environment at Austin Dance is fun, educational and relaxed. Depending upon the classes your child enrolls in, he or she will learn the newest moves along with the traditional techniques that popular and professional dancers employ in their careers.

Summer Dance Camp offers a unique and wholesome environment while providing your child with hours of fun and experience that they may not be able to find anywhere else. Don’t delay, visit the website at to get registered. Enrollments go quickly for these popular classes, so signing up sooner rather than later will help ensure your child will get into one of the classes.

Remember, these dance classes are for children three years to seventeen years. The summer dance class program involves many different styles of dancing and music so that it will appeal to everyone while also teaching all of the latest moves.

Austin Dance provides dance classes in a variety of styles. Don’t forget to check out the specials for the Summer Dance Camp.


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