Hey! Are you attending the dance premiere of Lady Gaga? Is lady Gaga performing in India? Yes, the whole world is doing gaga over Gaga’s breathtaking performance in the New Year eve and now they are waiting for the next performance of Gaga at India. In the recent times, the dance industry has gone through a lot of changes with the new mix-n-match choreography of Classical and Hip hop dance. When it comes to classical dance, it is entirely difference from modern dance which focuses more on the dance steps and less on expressions. Expression is the beauty of a classical dancer, dance teacher in Kolkata would help you with the right expression to make you a better singer.

How an artist does express the emotions in dance? The term “dancer” just doesn’t go with classical dancing; classical dancers are usually termed as artists who express the emotion with the body postures of a dance. Hip hop dancing might be learned in a week, professional classical dancers might not do the step in a right way when they don’t practice the step regularly. Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Kathakali are some of the major forms of classical dance, it’s not only the name but the steps involved with all the classical dance firms are pretty complicated and cannot be mastered easily. Therefore, it’s very important to get the right training from a good and experienced dance teacher who has professional work experience in stage.

Surprisingly, it’s not only the Indians who are mesmerized with classical dancing but people from all around the globe are coming to India to learn Classical dancing. Every day there is some or other Dance Institute in Kolkata opening, you must choose the one where professional dance teachers are teaching all the budding dancers. With the knowledge of Classical dancing, an individual can learn any form of dance as classical dancing is the base of all other dance forms. In a classical dance performance in Cuttack, a Russian dancer performed in such a nice way that people were finding it difficult to differentiate her from an Indian Classical Dancer. It’s the passion of learning dance which makes an individual a good dancer. Nowadays, many foreign classical dancers have their dance institutes in different places which are due to the reason of the popularity of Classical dance in western countries.

If you are thinking of learning classical dance, it would be advisable to look for a good dance institution in Kolkata. “Practice makes a man perfect”, this quote is absolutely true for the profession of dance as dancers can master this beautiful art with the regular practice. Nowadays, dancing has also become a part of gym as many people have been advised to practice the western dance forms to shed the extra kilos which came during the New Year holidays. No matter in what way you dance, it would definitely give you peace and connect your mind and heart. Dance Teacher In Kolkata also organizes free dance campaigns; it would help you to choose the right dance teacher for you.


Mom Ganguly is renowned as an eminent Choreographer In Kolkata . She also runs a dance institute in Kolkata. Famous as a great Famous Dancer in Kolkata , she shares her thoughts on dancers in kolkata. To know more about her visit: http://www.momganguly.co/

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