Even though I predicted way back in May ’07 that McCain would win the GOP nomination and eventually lose to a Democrat I am still numb and sickened.  I feel as bad or more so then when Clinton beat Bush Sr..  It was in that ’92 election that the reality of socialism was rearing its ugly head here in America after the Reagan era of self responsibility.  This election, socialism has made major inroads, and possibly inroads that may never be removed.  I am just numb, can’t say it enough.                                                   

  I watch in disbelief the people who voted for Obama dancing and singing, celebrating with no inkling of what they just did.  No clue of how they sold this country out.  Not a bit of understanding of the change Obama can and may bring.  They dance and celebrate in ignorance, its sad and upsetting to watch.               

  For what reason do they celebrate?  Is it the fact Obama, now the leader of the free world, is for the murderous practice of abortion and even worse against the right to life act?  Is that why they dance?                     

  Is it because Obama snubbed American values but instead embraced the homosexual community?  Or our founding fathers Christian beliefs and morals but instead aligned himself with radical preachers and teachers?  Is it because we put back in power the Democratic party that gave us the scandal ridden Clintons, the Barney Franks, the Jesse Jackson’s?                           

  We elect a black man strictly because of his mannerisms, his looks, his charisma, the color of his skin, his fervent speeches but still most people don’t know much about him.  Can we say for certainty that Obama, who’s father was Kenyan, is a natural born citizen and the constitution was upheld?  Where is his substance?  What has he accomplished besides winning public office?

  Past presidents championed the cause of spreading democracy, Obama preaches more government is this why they celebrate?  Obama’s plans hinges on class-warfare with his tax ideas of taxing those who work hard and make more.  Obama tells you you need him to spread the wealth because you can’t make it on your own.  Is this the true American spirit?                               

  What message does this send the rest of the world when Obama preaches change and hope is coming to America.  Is our homeland really that bad? Do we really need change or just less government?  Is the world any safer with Obama as Commander in Chief?             

  They dance in the streets for what reason? 


Mom would get so mad and reprimand me as a child when I would talk back to her. She would say…. you have all the answers. My reply.. of course I do otherwise you wouldn’t ask. This has carried on in my adult life as I have an opinion about everything. At times I tend to miss the mark in trying to relay my thoughts verbally but in writing, which is a passion, I seldom miss the mark of what I am trying to convey.

I write frequently for the Lake Gop, http://lakegop.blogspot.com/, I am also in the process of adding a blog to my website, http://www.gogobus.cc which showcases my travels. I have contributed small articles to The Lake County News Herald. People have asked if I would write bio’s for their on line sites. I have folders filled with short stories I have written that someday will be edited into book form.

The first step in expanding my horizons was attending a class held by Author Mark Barnes (The League and An Ordinary, Happy Man) who led me to this site. My style convers all areas, politics, human interest, sports, travel, to the absurd and funny.

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