TV production is an intricate dance, something that can create a winning program or turn a brilliant idea into a forgettable atrocity. Anyone who has delved into the world of TV production knows that it is a cutthroat world out there and that only the strong survive. This doesn’t mean that the best ideas end up winning, but often the best productions are noticed.

You have your idea and you have been working on it for a long time. You’ve refined your characters and plot and you may have even mapped out an entire season or, if your TV production idea is for a movie, then you’ve created your masterpiece. Now you need to get someone in the entertainment industry to take notice.

You head out and send emails, make contact with agents and producers, and after a year or more, you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. You’re frustrated and feeling dejected. Now you’ve decided that the only way that you will ever see your idea on television is to create the show or movie for yourself. But going out and buying a professional camera isn’t going to get the job done; that’s what so many people have done, thinking that it can’t be all that difficult to hold a camera and tell a few actors what to do in the scenes.

It’s a bit more involved than that, but let me first ask you a very important question. If your idea is so important to you, if you believe that you absolutely must share it with others, if you believe that the only way you’re going to be noticed by the industry in which you wish to break, that you are willing to make a significant investment in it, then why would you throw your hard earned money out the window trying to do it yourself?

After all, if you film it yourself, do you have the experience needed to get the right lighting to create the right emotional reaction in your audience? Do you know the best angles to shoot different scenes? Do you know how to determine if the chemistry between certain actors is right or if something needs to be changed to bring the best out of both of them? If you don’t, then you will be throwing your money away.

Why? Well, if you don’t have the right experience and equipment to get the job done, then who is going to pay attention? Audiences around the world today are demanding. They have high definition televisions in practically every room of their homes. They don’t have to put up with less than ideal filming just to see an original idea.

TV Production is an Art. And a Science.

It’s been said many times before that TV production is both an art and a science, but you don’t quite understand this until you see the difference. Online, you can find a host of homemade videos of people acting or playing their own small roles for their own amusement. Sometimes these are interesting, sometimes they’re downright humourous, but often they are almost unbearable because the quality leaves much to be desired.

Shots that are too dark or too bright, if the actors are squinting or shouting, if the background noise overtakes the scenes, are all components of poor production. If you want your TV production to avoid all of these common pitfalls and you believe that you have a real shot at getting some attention with your show, then you need to take the art, and the science, of TV production seriously.

Choosing the Right TV Production Team

You have options when it comes to TV production companies. You have plenty of options. You may not know which one to choose because you’re not well versed in the different aspects of TV production. That’s okay, as long as you don’t hire the first company that comes along just because they have a cool logo or sound like they know what they’re talking about.

Ask questions and lots of them. What television productions have they completed in the past? What experience do they have? What would be their level of involvement? Would they be willing to offer their opinions on which actors to use or whether the story seems to have holes? You may want full control of the story, so find out if they will accept that or if you sign away some of your controlling rights to the story.

Creswick Creative is one of the best TV production companies in Australia and has clients from around the world. But they don’t want you to hire them just because of that; they want to be hired by people dedicated to the art of television productions. They want to see your idea come to life.

Creswick Creative is a full-service video production company providing complete video production solutions. Fully equipped with HD and Digital editing facilities, HD camera equipment, audio facilities and the talent to make it all sing, Creswick Creative can not only bring your video projects to life from start to finish, we can make them sizzle! Creswick Creative has been providing it’s services to a wide range of highly reputable clients and world wide brands since 1999 with services that include Corporate Video, Commercial Production, Internet Video and Television Production. Creswick Creative’s highly skilled and talented team cover all facets of Production including; Creative, Editing, Motion Graphics, Audio Sweetening, Cinematography, Directing, Producing and Writing.

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